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Review By Darren McIntyre

Ironstone is a progressive metalcore band from Bendigo, Melbourne, Australia that incorporates a range of genres & atmospheric textures mixed with the duality of soaring & guttural vocals, heavy riffs and breakdowns. We get a modern progressive metal sound that takes us on a journey to feel the gritty punching groove laid bare by this killer 4 pieces from down under, the boys like most have gone through some personnel changes but believe this is the right formula to deliver a foot-stomping riff-laden sound that we can all get into. The boys deliver to us their new single Red Hound which I will be reviewing for you today.

Red Hound – Synth notes linger through the intro before a shattering rhythm section kicks in the doors and delivers a foot-stomping groove that lets this killer track break free. The screamer metalcore vocals are soaring through the track as a deep full on bassline drops meaty funk tones that let this epic punchy track leave its mark, we get a shredding power-driven guitar riff that brings this awesome track together as the boys entwine and get this solid arrangement off the ground. The whole track is a dramatic, symphonic ear ear-bending piece that has light and shade coupled with soothing melodies that let this beast deliver a foot-stomping sludgy tone that lets the guitar and bass tones spread the groove all through this atmospheric composition that is just building and building for sure. The vocals are just on the money as they switch from soulful melodic to screamer/growler vibes that are wrapped in deep meaningful tones that just carry you off to another place.

Ironstone  –

                 Edward Warren  –  Vocals

                 Perry Warren  –  Lead Guitar

                 Samual Angore  –  Bass

                 Jackson Whyte  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                       Red Hound

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