“SOLEDRIVER’s ‘Return Me To Light’: A Melodic Rock Masterpiece on Steroids”

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Review: by JMM

SOLEDRIVER, the brainchild of powerhouse duo Michael Sweet and Alessandro Del Vecchio, unleashes their debut album, “Return Me To Light,” on November 17, 2023. This collaboration between the exceptionally talented songwriters, musicians, and producers delivers a killer melodic rock experience that only these two could conjure.

“Return Me To Light” is a testament to Sweet and Del Vecchio’s shared vision of detailed productions and crystal-clear arrangements. The album strikes a perfect balance, delivering great, powerful performances without overshadowing the mesmerizing vocals and beautiful melodies. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Journey and Foreigner, SOLEDRIVER injects steroids into the classic melodic rock sound, stamping it with the unique sonic identity of Sweet and Del Vecchio.

One standout feature is Del Vecchio taking the reins on all guitars, a departure from his usual role. Sweet’s trust in Del Vecchio’s ability to capture the essence of the songs is evident in the album’s cohesive and dynamic guitar work. The result is a display of passion, fire, and depth, melding seamlessly into each track’s essence.

The tracklisting is a journey through melodic rock perfection, with songs like “Rise Again,” “Spinning Wheel,” and “Eternal Flame” showcasing the duo’s ability to craft memorable tunes. The album’s 46-minute runtime is a sonic adventure that captures the listener’s attention from start to finish.

With Michael Sweet’s powerhouse vocals leading the charge and Alessandro Del Vecchio’s multi-instrumental prowess on full display, supported by Michele Sanna on drums, SOLEDRIVER proves to be a force to be reckoned with in the melodic rock realm. “Return Me To Light” is not just an album; it’s a masterclass in the genre, leaving listeners singing, humming, and whistling its infectious melodies long after the final notes fade away. The passion, dedication, and musical craftsmanship evident in this debut make SOLEDRIVER a name to remember in the world of rock.

Tracklisting: 1. Rise Again 2. Anymore 3. Pieces Of Forever 4. Hope’s Holding You 5. Spinning Wheel 6. Out Of The Dark 7. Eternal Flame 8. To Be Saved 9. Return Me To Light 10. Soul Inside 11. Wounded Time: 0.46.06 Line-up: Michael Sweet – vocals Alessandro Del Vecchio – guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals Michele Sanna – drums

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