Philip Sayce shares new song “Lady Love Divine”

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In the world of rock and blues, Philip Sayce stands as a virtuoso, and his latest offering, “Lady Love Divine,” is a testament to his unyielding musical prowess. Set to be unveiled on November 10, 2023, as the second single from his highly anticipated album, “The Wolves Are Coming” (Atomic Gemini / Forty Below Records), this track promises a sonic journey that transcends boundaries.

“Lady Love Divine” ventures into the realms of light amidst the darkness, painting a vivid soundscape with an uplifting, foot-stomping, funk groove that embeds its hooks strategically. Philip Sayce’s signature guitar prowess weaves seamlessly with his soulful vocals, creating a dynamic composition that hits all the right notes. It’s not just a song; it’s a celebration of that instantaneous, everlasting love, a funky anthem capturing the courage needed to connect with someone and win their heart.

As Philip himself describes, “It’s a funky, upbeat song about that feeling you get when you instantly fall in love with someone forever. Finding the courage to talk to this person and win their love.” The infectious energy of the track mirrors the euphoria of newfound love, making it a standout addition to Sayce’s already impressive repertoire.

Moreover, “Lady Love Divine” serves as a pivotal bridge on the upcoming album, acting as a connection between despair and hope. In the broader context of “The Wolves Are Coming,” Philip Sayce reveals a deeply personal and transformative journey, with the songs and stories crystallizing during his darkest times. The album emerges as a testament to resilience, a sonic narrative that invites broken spirits to be transformed and healed.

“The Wolves Are Coming” is poised to be a milestone in Philip Sayce’s career, showcasing a level of power, uniqueness, and boldness that surpasses anything he has previously written or recorded. With “Lady Love Divine” as a sneak peek into this musical odyssey, fans can expect a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of genre, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of rock and blues.

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