Che Aimee Dorval – The Crowned – Album Review

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Che Aimee Dorval is a singer/songwriter/musician from Vancouver, Canada whose story begins at age 16 when she performed her first gig in a bistro. After completing her education she travelled through Europe where she performed as a street musician, 2007 saw her win British Columbia Star Search which allowed Che to write & record her debut album Underachiever, Between The Walls & The Window & her epic new album The Crowned, in between those releases she brought us 2 EP’s and met and recorded and recorded the album Casualties Of Cool, please settle yourself in as I take us through this glittering new offering The Crowned.

The Crowned – Straight from the off we get towering bluesy vocals that are accompanied by fabulous backing vocals that let this colossal opener do it’s thing. The musicianship is just incredible as we get a cool rhythm section that brings pounding snare drum beats that welcome bass kicks that really allow this track to cut loose and really take us on the journey. The whole arrangement is a powering vocal assault that just stops you in your tracks as the whole composition just pops with ease as the musicians really deliver a first-class piece that is mesmerising.

Falling Under – A fantastic brass section oozes from the intro as the funky blues groove grabs us and really lets us feel the epic vocals from this incredible young artist. The rhythm section is again the driving force throughout this foot-tapping arrangement, the bassline is dropping sweet funk licks that mix well with this fantastic cool track. The whole affair is just a breath of fresh air as Che really brings the soulful groove to this funk-laden track as we just lose ourselves throughout this fantastic piece of music.

Loveless – Sweet clean guitar picks are wandering through the intro as cymbal rolls really take this track to another level as Che’s incredible vocals flow effortlessly through this soulful ballad-like track. The rhythm section is again bringing the groove as the sampler tones flow freely and really let this haunting melodic track drive us onwards and really let this young lady deliver a masterclass in vocal arrangement as we just let ourselves be taken along for the ride as she just builds and builds with each note that is being driven onwards by a powering rhythm section that just delivers.

Want That Soul – Keys are wandering through the intro as we get a haunting mellow groove that hits us with a terrific bassline that hands us delicious tones that really take this track onwards. The punchy rhythm section is controlling the funk element from the back of the room as we just flow along with this fantastic foot-stomping beat that is wrapped in delicious soulful vocals that just allow us to be transported to another place as Che really grabs this track and takes it with her as we just sit back and feel the awesome groove wash over us and just let us know that Che Aimee Dorval is back and back with a bang.

Blood Red Son – A smooth groove hits us as keys flow freely through the opening intro as we get real deep soulful vocals that just set this phenomenal track up. The rhythm section is handing us full-on beats that just wrap themselves around this dark melodic piece that brings us together with Che as she really takes this track to the next level as she tells her own story with haunting lyrics that just captivate us with their piercing tones and killer foot tapping beats. The bass kicks really let the rhythm section deliver a funk groove that opens this track to allow us to feel her tone and emotion pouring from this fantastic track.

Sensibilities – Slick-ended guitar licks come at us as this sweet-toned track opens with cool snare drum punches that let the groove take over. The mesmerising vocals ooze towards us as this soulful arrangement instantly puts us at ease with its smooth tones and toe-tapping tempo, we are transported to another place as Che digs deep and brings her emotion pouring from this ballad-style piece that just grabs our attention and lets us float away with the smooth delicious tones that are coming from this colossal arrangement that is just incredible let me tell you. What we have here is a really accomplished musician who is rising to the top of her game with this soulful new record.

Sorta Loves Me – Piano tones break the silence as deep bassline grooves come at us and let this melodic ballad tell its own story as Che really elevates this haunting piece for us. The rhythm section comes in and brings punchy snare drum beats that let the tone lift and really make us feel the groove and the epic funk element coming through. The vocals are just sensational as they instantly put you at ease as we listen to the lyrics that are coming from this fantastic piercing arrangement as we listen intently as a slick cool guitar lick flows freely through the midsection and lets the delicious tones wash over us as the sweet piano tones are letting themselves be known through this soulful piece.

Try – Mellow basslines drop cool funk grooves through the intro as a sensational stringed section opens this moody soulful track as epic vocals run effortlessly through this punchy offering. The whole arrangement is just mesmerising as Che digs deep and lets the music do the talking as the snare drum rolls come at us and bring punchy bass kicks that work well with cymbal snaps that just control the groove as it wanders freely through this real stand out track that just grabs your attention from the first note that lets this track tell its own story for sure. We are feeling the emotion, attitude and depth oozing from this incredible record as Che just delivers and then some as she really lets her emotions bring this record to us.

Sleeping, Stoned – Acoustic strumming chords flow from the intro as deep bass grooves let this soulful arrangement open and let the lyrics do the talking. We have sultry smokey blues vocals that are just wrapping themselves around this colossal arrangement as the delicious tones take us on a journey as we feel the haunting tones swirl above us and really let Che get inside our minds. The epic piano tones really elevate this track as they instantly relax our minds as we let the track surround us with colossal vocals that are wrapped in sweet acoustic tones that just deliver and then some, epic composition that just takes us on the journey.

Lionize – The rhythm section is first up and it hits us with a real funk groove that lets the bass kicks drive this soulful number onwards. Snare drum punches let this melodic number open and let the soulful arrangement come with epic mesmerising vocals that allow us to drift off and really feel the tone as it drives this epic foot-stomping number onwards. The cool bassline is dropping dark full-on grooves that just wrap themselves around this uptempo groove track as we punch the air with joy as this mesmerising musician really takes us to another place. The guitar licks are sensational as they let this fantastic number bring in a sweet melodic backing tone that really lets us feel closer to this phenomenal musician as she drives this cool track onward.

What Is Enough(Desired & Adored) – We finish this epic adventure with cool synth tones that bring a futuristic feel to this soulful groove-laden number. The rhythm section is again laying down the groove with fantastic snare drum punches that let the bass kicks drive the funk element onward. We get fantastic soulful vocals that just take us off to another place as we feel the tone wash over us and just settle us into a cool groove before epic synth tones kick in the door and really sock it to us as the cymbal crashes rain down on us and let this fantastic ending track allow us to wander free and let this fantastic musician really get under our skin with her infectious soaring vocals that stop us in our tracks as she really takes us higher with this colossal solid slab of enchanting music.

Che Aimee Dorval  –

                               Che Aimee Dorval  –  Vocals

Track Listing  –

                      The Crowned

                      Falling Under


                      Want That Soul

                      Blood Red Son


                      Sorta Loves Me


                      Sleeping, Stoned

                      Lionize                       What Is Enough(Desired & Adored)

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