HAWXX DEBUT ALBUM Review Earth, Spit, Blood and Bones

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Review By Bracken Hake

HAWXX is a metal band that doesn’t shy away from tackling hard-hitting topics with their music. Their new album, Earth, Spit, Blood and Bones, is a powerful statement of resistance, resilience and empowerment. The album features 10 tracks that showcase the band’s diverse influences and skills, from the anthemic opener “Death Makes Sisters Of Us All” to the haunting closer “Fathertongue”. The band’s vocals are impressive, with four-way harmonies that add depth and emotion to their lyrics. The guitar work is heavy and riff-driven, with some progressive elements that keep things interesting. The drums are tight and dynamic, creating a solid foundation for the band’s sound.The album discusses oppressive beauty standards, mental health difficulties, violence against women, self-empowerment, and other topics. The band doesn’t hold back on expressing their anger, frustration and hope for change. They also highlight their status as a feminist band that strives to provide a safe environment in the rock and metal scene for women, trans, and non-binary individuals. An album like Earth, Spit, Blood, and Bones will evoke strong emotions in you, such as anger, happiness, sadness or inspiration. It’s a daring and courageous piece of art that merits your consideration. Look no further than HAWXX if you’re searching for a metal band that knows how to say it loud and proud.

“Death Makes Sisters Of Us All” is a vibrant anthem celebrating the powerful bond between women, with a memorable chorus and an enthralling bridge. “The Worst Thing” explores the profound impact of trauma and abuse on the human psyche, providing a darker and heavier musical experience. “Reckless” is a high-energy, fast-paced track with groovy bass lines, tight drum beats, and compelling hooks. “Embrace The Ugly” is a short but powerful song that challenges society’s unrealistic beauty standards for women.”Trust Your Rage” is another anthemic piece urging listeners to channel their anger constructively. With its intricate structure, syncopated rhythm, and haunting vocal melody, “If Not Now, Then When” takes an experimental and progressive approach, questioning societal complacency.The album’s longest and most epic track, Soulbreaking Machines, is a progressive metal masterpiece that explores the dehumanising effects of capitalism and the climate crisis.

This album has truly stood out as one of my favourites in 2023. It’s brimming with emotions and serves as a compelling call to action—a powerful plea for the necessary societal changes we urgently need.



01. Death Makes Sisters of Us All

02. The Worst Thing

03. Reckless

04. Embrace the Ugly

05. Trust Your Rage

06. If Not Now Then When

07. Filth

08. Bite

09. Soulbreaking Machines

10. Fathertongue

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