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Review By Darren McIntyre

Pryma is a hard rock 4-piece outfit from the South East of England that formed around 2015, the band blends heavy rock with metal influences and meaningful lyrics. Gabrielle George was hell-bent on getting a band together after being inspired by Freddie Mercury as he took various positions within Queen to really get the outfit off the ground. The band have just returned from dominating the Jagermeister stage Bloodstock Open Air Festival. Today, they launch their epic new single Survival which I will be reviewing for you today.

Survival – A crunching power-ravaged guitar riff explodes from the off as the thundering drums bring a really heavy pounding beat that gets the juices flowing for sure. The real melodic rasping vocals are kicking in the doors and letting us have it both barrels as Gabrielle offloads with a vengeful tone that fits this colossal crunching arrangement. The rhythm section is handing us a hard, heavy punching groove that brings snare drum punches that attach bass kicks with killer cymbal crashes that let this awesome track open and soar, the deep bassline is wrapping itself around this epic composition as it delivers a foot-stomping tempo that works so well with the shredding riffs that are wrapped around a thundering rhythm section that unleashes killer double bass kicks that really let this track deliver a solid gritty tone that is flowing effortlessly through the midsection as the soaring vocals really take this track to another place for all to witness, these guys are ones to watch as they are taking on all comers and kicking some seroius ass.

Pryma  –

             Gabrielle George  –  Vocals

             Maxamillian Raver  –  Guitar

             Anthony Durrant  –  Bass

             Dominic Smith  –  Drums

Track Listing  –


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