The Midnight Devils – Live – Hard Rock Cafe shock city production

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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Midnight Devils are a high-energy glam rock n roll juggernaut from Omaha, Nebraska & Chicago, Illinois. The boys brought us their debut album Something Bigger in 2018 and in 2019 took this high-octane show on the road performing in over 30 states coast to coast and crashing into legendary venues like The Viper Room in Hollywood, The Dive Bar in Vegas, The Rocklahoma Music Festival  & The M3 Pre Party in Columbia. This show isn’t for the faint-hearted as they wear more make-up than your girlfriend, swear, smoke and live and party on the wild side. Tonight they bring their high-octane juggernaut to Hard Rock Cafe courtesy of ShockCityProductions, I also had the chance to chat with the boys and this will be accompanying the review,  so please strap yourselves in as I take in this crazy trio of musicians as they open with –

Sound Of Domination – The track opens with a full-on baseline that drops heavily into this high-energy-driven three-piece as this bonkers night kicks off big time. Sam kicks off with his gravelly rocking vocals that have a pounding snare drum punch that just brings this gig to life as we are fist-pumping from the off as these boys show us how it’s done. Chris is shredding like Eddie Van Halen on speed as he is all over the stage and dropping epic licks that are just on the money, we get a chorus of Oi Oi Oi as the tempo gets heavier as Sam wants us to participate in the chorus which is just awesome. The whole track is a feel-good rock n roll beast that has certainly shaken the Hard Rock Cafe to its very foundations tonight, what a way to kick off a show as we kick in the doors and roll into

Midnight Devils – A thundering snare drum punch fills the air as the bass kicks combine to really let this bad boy off the leash as it just erupts with sheer terror. The bassline is dropping epic grooves all through the track as we just stand in awe of these boys as they give it to us big time and boy what a rush, the slick gritty guitar licks are pouring from the stage as this gig hits top speed and then some and I will tell you I have not seen anything like this in a long time. The whole place is in a party mood as the boys rip a hole in the middle of Glasgow tonight and let us have it both barrels, these boys are something special I tell you as you are fixed on the stage as they deliver a real gritty pounding show that is just incredible, we catch our breath and watch as Sam throws out some luminous greenhorns that just add that little bit of razzmatazz to tonight’s experience, we drop into –

Highway 69 – Bosh and off we go with a deep bassline intro that combines with pounding bass kicks that bring cymbal crashes to this shredding power beast of a track. The vocals are larger than life with a real gravelly tone that fits this arrangement perfectly and really lets the groove flow effortlessly as the place is reaching boiling point. This is a real foot-stomping rock n roll beast that just takes us on the journey and lets these boys show us what they have got stored in the tank, we are really enjoying this crazy ass freak show as it has really taken the roof off of this place tonight. This is a really crazy outfit that just says what it does on the tin and I will tell you that it is true, we stroll into the awesome –

Party In The Back – Straight off the bat comes a heavy-ended guitar lick that has certain Van Halen elements attached to it which is a real tip of the hat to EVH. The vocals are a real gritty, gravelly affair that fits this pounding arrangement perfectly as the full effect is felt out on the floor as the boys are reaching boiling point with a high energy rock n roll show that has just been spectacular let me tell you. The 3 boys are just delivering a masterclass in bass, guitar and a pounding rhythm section that is controlling the whole show, the slick clean guitar licks are awesome and let Sam bellow out his colossal vocals that are wrapped in deep meaty basslines that are on fire, we stroll excitedly into the last track of the set in the form of –

Memphis Mile – Kicking things off with a shredding power-ravaged intro as Chris brings this banger to life with killer licks that really get the fire in your belly moving. The vocals are a real gravelly rasping vibe that fits this punchy rocker tone perfectly as the boys build and build with layers of sizzling rock n roll that is bringing this place to life. The boys are letting us know that they have come, seen and kicked some serious ass tonight with their infectious brand of rock n roll that has taken us all by surprise with its groove, attitude and soaring tones that are just awesome. This is the perfect way to end their short but in-your-face set tonight in Glasgow and I will say that the boys will be back in September right here in Glasgow.

The Midnight Devils  –

                                  Sam ‘Spade’ Morris  –  Vocals / Bass

                                  Chris ‘Sniper’ Hireline  –  Guitar / Vocals

                                  Jimmy Mess  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Sound Of Domination

            Midnight Devils

            Highway 69

            Party In The Back

            Memphis Mile

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