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Review by Halina Wegner

Cassidy Paris, the rising star in the Australian rock scene, continues to ignite excitement with her second single, ‘Walking On Fire,’ from her highly anticipated debut album set to release on December 8, 2023, under the label Frontiers.

As she gears up to launch herself onto the international stage, this track serves as a compelling teaser of the musical prowess and raw talent she possesses.

‘Walking On Fire’ encapsulates the electrifying essence of rock ‘n’ roll with an edgy, guitar-driven melody that hooks the listener from the start. Cassidy Paris’s commanding vocals soar through the track, carrying an intensity that perfectly complements the song’s fiery energy. Her ability to infuse emotion into her performance is captivating, drawing the audience into her world with each lyric and riff.

The songwriting in ‘Walking On Fire’ showcases a maturity beyond her years, displaying a depth and authenticity that resonate deeply. The lyrics delve into themes of passion, resilience, and the thrill of taking risks, creating a relatable yet empowering narrative. The anthemic chorus is infectious, inviting listeners to sing along and get lost in the adrenaline-fueled rhythm.

As Cassidy Paris gears up for her international debut, the anticipation for her album release is palpable. Teaming up with fellow Australian rockers Wicked Smile and other talented acts for a series of nine UK shows and two festival slots just prior to the album’s launch further solidifies her commitment to making a mark on the global music scene.

With ‘Walking On Fire,’ Cassidy Paris showcases her potential as a powerhouse performer and a promising force in the rock genre. Her ability to blend raw passion with musical finesse leaves an indelible impression, hinting at a promising future for this young Australian rocker. Get ready to embrace the arrival of Cassidy Paris as she sets the stage on fire with her debut album release and international performances.

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