Rockmantic, Grimsby. Time to Rock! 10th/11th November

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Part two

Saturday the 11th of November

Review and photographs by Linda McDermott

After an incredible night at the Yardbirds Rock venue where I discovered three more amazing new bands and was lucky enough to see three bands I’d seen before that I love, I was looking forward to the night ahead.

With more people attending tonight, there was definitely more of an atmosphere in the venue and with another six bands to come we were in for a night of outstanding music.


· Kaylyde

· Lavire

· Shadow Smile

· The Hot One Two

· Continental Lovers

· These Wicked Rivers


Opening up Saturday with a 9-song set was a five-piece band from Lincoln. They have a great rock sound with female singer Molly looking like a beautiful goth taking centre stage. Singing two songs from their EP and their two singles ‘See Right Through You’ and ‘Bleed for Me’ gave us an indication of their rock roots.

Each song was underpinned by an earthy six-stringed bass, giving their sound a deep rhythmic undercurrent that allowed the guitars and drums to build another layer before Molly’s distinctive voice added the final touches to the finished track.

They sang some new material and a brand-new song that was getting its first airing tonight called ‘Cry Baby’ which got a great reaction from the crowd. What a way to open up day two of the weekend.

Molly Cartawick (vocals)

Jake Laming (drums)

Danny LeVay (guitar)

Ben Janisch (guitar)

Sam Young (bass)

Set List



See Right Through You

War With My Mind

Bleed For Me

Cry Baby


Voice of Reason

Devil’s Advocate

Check them out on all streaming platforms.

‘See Right Through You’


This heavy rock quartet also from Lincoln had it all, with melodies and harmonies wrapped up with attitude they took over the stage with a great energy fronted by Chloé pacing back and forth like a caged animal. They take their inspiration from bands such as Halestorm, Biffy Clyro and Muse, add that to their own melting pot of writing and music and it’s a recipe for some great songs.

With two EP’s released, ‘No Truth To Tell (parts 1 & 2) they opened with the powerful ‘Welcome to the Freakshow’ quickly followed by the melodic ‘Wall’. Even with a slight wardrobe malfunction there was no stopping Chloé, Arron, Arron and Adam from giving a captivating performance. They finished off their set with the hard-hitting latest single ‘Fall from Grace’ creating a powerful atmosphere around it making it a simply stunning and memorable way to end their set.

Set List

Welcome to the Freak Show

The Wall

One Way to LA

Save Yourself

Time Waster

Fair Weather Friend

North Star

Fall From Grace

Fall from Grace video.

Shadow Smile

From Sheffield, Shadow Smile are a four-piece alternative heavy metal band who have a hard-hitting sound with melody and a touch of venom. They have recently released a great debut album ‘Signed in Blood’ after a successful crowd funder earlier this year and sang the title track to open with. The album covers the seven deadly sins and the ‘satanic cult’ and very cleverly applies the lyrics to what is going on in today’s world. Adam, Ethan and Joe are skilled musicians and with the varying vocal cords of Connor, they have an imposing sound. It’s an intoxicating mix that has the ability to draw you into the meaning behind the lyrics and the angst of it all.

I was totally invested in their music, including their last song ‘Marionette’ which kicks in with heavy vocals setting the scene for an epic onslaught of anger at what is happening around us.

A fantastic set.

Set List

Signed In Blood

Suck the World Dry

Take What You Can

You’re Safe

Our Morality


The title track from the album: Signed in Blood

The Hot One Two

Well, talk about strutting in and taking over. The Hot One Two were a last-minute addition to the lineup after another band had to pull out and boy did they show everyone they were the right choice.

Taking to the stage they launched into eight songs from their debut album ‘Superbia’ which was released on Friday and bombarded the audience with their catchy rock tunes.

They are infectious with their unequivocal energetic antics and were bouncing all over the place like a bunch of Zebedee’s on speed and pulling faces that Les Dawson would have been proud of, they nailed the Yardbird Rock venue to the wall and some. The crowd were behind them 100% singing along and cheering for more. These guys need to be seen to be believed and I guarantee you that you will leave one of their gigs with the biggest smile on your face.

Just watch this space because they are on the rise, meantime I would suggest you get your hands on their album Superbia.

Set List

Playing with Fire

Bleed on Me

Demon Daze

God Forsaken Blue

Is It Hot

The Fray

Rolling Stone

Tie Me Down

Is it Hot? Video

Album review

Live at Trillions, Newcastle

Continental Lovers

You just know when these guys enter a room as they are the coolest looking guys in the place, with heads turning to watch them walk to the bar before they hit the stage.

Their coolness comes across in their dress sense, attitude, and whole take on rock music. Their music is a total change from the previous bands at the weekend and is a high-energy glam-punk rock style, which I love. Tonight, Joe, Kerri, Ben and Rik introduced two new songs to their set which went down a treat and fitted right in. I was bopping along at the front of the barrier and enjoying singing along to the songs as I listened to their released material a lot.

They tore through their set with its upbeat feel and foot-tapping tempo. My favourites are ‘Tape Deck’ and ‘Really doesn’t Matter’ taken from their EP ‘Dale Arden Vs the World’ then there’s ‘St Joan’ and ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’ but to be honest they haven’t released a bad track and I for one was very happy.


Tattered Star

Paraffin Lips

Tape Deck

Wedding song

Really Doesn’t Matter

Outta Sight

The Girl

Make up Your Mind

St Joan

Can’t Get Her Out Of My Head


Dale Arden


Really Doesn’t Matter video

Review of single ‘Make up Your Mind’.

These Wicked Rivers

Talk about bluesy southern soulful rock music and these guy names should be on your lips. This was the band that got people off their seats and onto their feet and down to the barrier. With their traditional standing lamps turned on, the guys appeared wearing scarves, hats and waistcoats and they got right into it, playing ‘Shine On’, a song from their second album ‘Eden’, it kicks in with a low melodic guitar riff that sets the mood from the off.

There was a great atmosphere in the room as the crowd got right into the groove and lapped up one bluesy anthem after another. The guys have an electrifying energy around them that is palpable and those in attendance are drawn into its magnetism quickly.

The band have just released their seventh single ‘Force of Nature’ the day before the show, it goes down a treat with their audience with its glorious guitars demanding you get right behind them with some thumping foot tapping and head nodding.

These Wicked Rivers have two albums out with the third one to follow soon, but not soon enough for their quickly growing fan base who will propel this band onto the next level within the music industry.

Like all good things the night had to come to an end, but the guys played out in style and left everyone wanting much more.

These Wicked Rivers are touring most of December and if you’re lucky you may still get a ticket for one of their awesome gigs.

Set List

Shine On

Force of Nature


When the War is Won

Black Gold

This Train

Lonely Road

That Girl

The Family

World in Chains



Don’t Pray for Me

Black Gold Video

Review of single ‘Force of Nature’

This Rockmantic Weekender was brilliant, with music for all tastes in rock music. I enjoyed discovering new bands and their take on the wide genre that is rock music. I’ve downloaded loads of music on the back of hearing such great music, which is why bands do what they do. The weekend had a very friendly atmosphere, everyone was approachable and enjoying themselves and that has a way of making you want to go to another live gig to support those bands and venues.

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