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Review By Darren McIntyre

Shane Smith & The Saints are a red dirt country band from Austin, Texas who bring us a freewheeling, open-hearted roots-based country who are unafraid to dive into a bit of rock and roll. Since the band’s formation in 2009, the boys have brought us I’ll See For Miles and four years later we got Cast, after two years of constant touring they dropped their sophomore album Geronimo in 2015. In 2019 we were sent Hail Mary which was split into 4 chapters, The Beginning, The Fall, The Path & The End, the boys have been busy writing & recording and are on tour at present and will bring us their new album Norther in March next year, to whet our appetites the boys bring us their new single Adeline which I will be reviewing for you today.

Adeline – The track opens with haunting fiddle tones that allow the soulful vocals to just let the groove take over and bring in the fantastic backing vocals that give this track depth and emotion. The pounding rhythm section comes for us with solid snare drum punches that bring in a deep bass kick that is working so well through this epic arrangement, the bassline drops deep funk grooves that forge ahead as the slick guitar licks flow effortlessly through this fantastic piece of music. The sweet haunting fiddle tones add real depth to this soulful oozing country-laden piece that stops us in our tracks as the tempo changes direction and offloads with cool beats that flow freely as the dusky, gravelly vocals just lose us in this mesmerising composition. This is a fantastic arrangement that will have you reaching for the repeat button for sure.

Shane Smith & The Saints  –

                                            Shane Smith  –  Acoustic Guitar / Lead Vocals

                                            Dustin Schaefer  –  Lead Guitar

                                            Chase Satterwhite  –  Bass

                                            Bennett Brown  –  Fiddle

                                            Zach Stover  –  Drums

Track Listing  –


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