The Northern – Drown – Single Review

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Review By Graeme Wright

The Northern have been releasing music since 2013 and I enjoyed their 2017 album ‘Solstice’ a lot upon its initial release. They have recently signed with Blood Blast Distribution and this is their second single under the new label. The first release ‘Usurper’, while retaining the band’s trademark Metalcore/Djent sound, was a lot heavier and more aggressive than anything we had previously heard from the band and I was interested to see if the band would continue in this direction. The new single ‘Drown’ is actually a slightly slower-paced, more melodic heartfelt effort but one that still clearly operates at the heavier end of the musical spectrum. The band have made it clear that the message from this song is that, “ can still be beautiful and that everybody goes through hard times. Live in the present and don’t let your past consume you.”

These are wise words indeed and ‘Drown’ is reflective of that philosophy. The song is still heavy and aggressive, but it’s also melancholic and reflective and ultimately thoughtful and upbeat. The structures within the song are complex, the vocals switch from melodic to raucous and angry midstream and the overall vibe from the song is one of hope and positivity. It’s loud, heavy and immediate and has me looking forward immensely to any future album release. Highly recommended.

The Northern:

Mike Cutway – Vocals

Eric Leblanc – Guitar

Jordan Gallant – Guitar

Adam Linka – Drums/Vocals

Track Listing –


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