Album Review: King Falcon – Self-Titled Debut Album

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Release Date: October 27
Label: Mascot Records

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Review By Glen Parkes

King Falcon’s self-titled debut album, unleashed via Mascot Records, delivers an electrifying blend of indie-rock innovation intertwined with a classic rock essence. Hailing from the streets of Queens, this NYC-based band sets a high bar with their dynamic sound reminiscent of renowned artists like Black Keys, Jack White, and The Strokes.

The album kicks off with an explosion of energy, encapsulated perfectly in the vibrant single Everybody’s Down featuring a kaleidoscope of electro-pop elements entwined with robust basslines and captivating drum rhythms. Frontman Michael Rubin’s compelling vocals drive the rebellious anthem, emphasizing empowerment for the misfits and outliers.

Their previous hits, “Ready Set Go” and “Cadillac,” further showcase King Falcon’s prowess, each amassing over 500K streams and climbing charts with their infectious hooks and urban-inspired narratives. “Ready Set Go” captures the pulsating rhythm of city life, while the visuals in “Cadillac” evoke a nostalgia reminiscent of a cinematic escapade.

The album’s brilliance lies in its fusion of garage guitar riffs, soulful melodies, and indie-rock ambience. Producer Marshall Altman and mixing maestro Mark Needham amplify this sonic tapestry, creating an immersive auditory experience that resonates with authenticity and raw energy.

The band’s evolution to an up-tempo trio has unlocked their musical potential, as witnessed in the journey from their funky single “Shake! Shake! Shake!” to the multifaceted tracks on this debut album. The addition of Tom Diognardi on drums and James Terranova’s transition to bass has solidified their sound and allowed King Falcon to soar to new heights.

Despite the pandemic disrupting their live debut, King Falcon turned adversity into opportunity, landing a recording contract with Mascot Records through their poignant single, “When The Party Is Over.” This album stands as a testament to their dedication, friendship, and unyielding pursuit of a rock ‘n’ roll dream.

As King Falcon gears up for an extensive US tour, anticipation builds for their live performances, especially their opening act for the legendary Southern rock band [band name not provided]. With their debut album, King Falcon sets a high standard for contemporary rock, ensuring an exhilarating musical journey for both new and seasoned listeners.

The self-titled debut album by King Falcon is a magnetic testament to the band’s talent, diversity, and unwavering passion for crafting anthemic rock melodies that resonate with depth and sincerity.


1. Everybody’s Down
2. Ready Set Go
3. Cadillac
4. Set Me Free
5. Rabbit Gets The Gun
6. Soul Sucker
7. Ride
8. My Name Is
9. Touch
10. On Your Soul
11. Go On

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