Cloudbusting Presents ‘The Love & Anger Tour 2023’: A Mesmerizing Tribute to Kate Bush’s Iconic Music

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Cloudbusting Presents ‘The Love & Anger Tour 2023’: A Mesmerizing Tribute to Kate Bush’s Iconic Music

Òran Mór Glasgow 9th December 2023 – Cloudbusting, the revered tribute band hailed as the foremost interpreters of Kate Bush’s music, is ecstatic to announce the continuation of their sensational ‘Love & Anger Tour Tour Dates – Cloudbusting The Music Of Kate Bush ( Recognized as the longest-running and most universally acclaimed tribute act dedicated to Kate Bush, Cloudbusting is set to captivate audiences with their remarkable live performances, celebrating the unique essence of Kate Bush’s repertoire.

With an impressive legacy of TV appearances and live shows across the UK and Europe, Cloudbusting has garnered an unparalleled reputation for delivering an authentic and impeccably accurate live experience for Kate Bush enthusiasts.

Mick Wall of Classic Rock Magazine acclaimed Cloudbusting’s performances as “utterly, surreally brilliant,” emphasizing the band’s exceptional dedication to honouring Kate Bush’s musical legacy.

Embarking on a spellbinding journey through the thematic complexities of Love and anger as explored in Kate’s music, Cloudbusting promises an unforgettable two-hour stage production. The audience will traverse through the exhilarating highs and tormented lows, embracing the joyful, anguished, innocent, and bitter facets of Kate’s songbook. From the iconic melodies of “Wuthering Heights” and “Hounds Of Love” to the globally acclaimed chart-topper “Running Up That Hill” – Cloudbusting delivers these classics with breathtaking vocals and impeccable musicianship.

One of the most distinguishing facets of Cloudbusting’s performances is their unique collaborations. They are the only band in the world to have performed Kate’s music alongside her original bass player and long-standing sound engineer Del Palmer, as well as her esteemed drummer and percussionist Preston Heyman. Additionally, their stage has been graced by Stewart Avon-Arnold, Kate’s co-choreographer and dance partner in numerous iconic videos and performances throughout her illustrious career.

Preston Heyman himself praised Cloudbusting by expressing, “I could have been listening to Kate herself,” showcasing the band’s unparalleled dedication to preserving Kate Bush’s musical genius.

Moreover, the live experience is enriched by stunning back-projection visuals meticulously crafted to reflect the character and mood of Kate’s timeless songs. Attending a Cloudbusting concert is more than a mere event; it’s an immersive journey that no Kate Bush enthusiast would want to miss.

As stated by RTÉ Radio, “Blown away – your spin on Kate Bush is amazing,” validating Cloudbusting’s exceptional tribute to the music of Kate Bush.

Don’t miss the extraordinary experience that is Cloudbusting – The Music of Kate Bush – ‘The Love & Anger Tour 2023.’ Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Kate Bush’s music and witness the magic come alive on stage.

For ticket information and tour dates, visit Tour Dates – Cloudbusting The Music Of Kate Bush ( Join us for an unforgettable celebration of Kate Bush’s iconic music with Cloudbusting!

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