Earthside’s ‘Let The Truth Speak’: A Boundary-Defying Sonic Journey

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Earthside’s latest album, “Let The Truth Speak,” heralds a profound evolution in the band’s sonic landscape. This magnum opus, slated for release on November 17 via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group, embarks on a revolutionary journey, epitomizing a fusion of diverse influences that transcend traditional rock and metal. The album presents a captivating tapestry of collaborations featuring Daniel Tompkins (Tesseract), AJ Channer (Fire From The Gods), Keturah, Pritam Adhikary (Aarlon), and more. Earthside, known for their critically acclaimed debut, “A Dream In Static,” sought to break away from compartmentalized genres, aiming for a unified blend of world music, film score intricacies, and unconventional rock and metal elements.

“Let The Truth Speak” marks a departure from their previous work’s distinctive separation of heavy post-rock instrumentals and cinematic orchestral pieces. This album embraces a novel approach, weaving these disparate elements seamlessly into each other, resulting in a bold, uncharted musical expedition. The tracklist reads like a collaborative odyssey, with each song a unique canvas painted with diverse musical hues. From the percussive artistry in “But What If We’re Wrong” featuring Sandbox Percussion to the emotive depth of “Let The Truth Speak” with Daniel Tompkins, and the evocative synergy between Larry Braggs, Sam Gendel, and Earthside in “The Lesser Evil,” each track stands as a testament to Earthside’s audacious sonic explorations.

“Let The Truth Speak” isn’t merely an album; it’s a revelation—an audacious symphony that defies convention and invites listeners on an exhilarating voyage through uncharted musical territories. Earthside’s groundbreaking amalgamation of influences marks a significant milestone, reaffirming its position as pioneers in reshaping the landscape of progressive music. Earthside’s ambition with this album is evident. They aimed for a synthesis of their musical influences rather than a mere intersection, and they have undeniably achieved this with finesse. The album paints a panoramic soundscape, seamlessly blending world music, film score aesthetics, and non-traditional rock and metal elements into a harmonious symphony of innovation.

released on November 17 via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group, ‘Let The Truth Speak’ signifies Earthside’s sonic evolution and dedication to pushing boundaries. Having concluded a successful US tour with VOLA and set to captivate European audiences at festivals like Euroblast in Germany and Progpower in the Netherlands, Earthside’s musical expedition continues to break new ground in the progressive music sphere.


01 But What If We’re Wrong (feat. Sandbox Percussion)
02 We Who Lament (feat. Keturah)
03 Tyranny (feat. Pritam Adhikary of Aarlon)
04 Pattern Of Rebirth (feat. AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods)
05 Watching The Earth Sink
06 The Lesser Evil (feat. Larry Braggs & Sam Gendel)
07 Denial’s Aria (feat. Keturah, VikKe & Duo Scorpio)
08 Vespers (feat. Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh & VikKe)
09 Let The Truth Speak (feat. Daniel Tompkins of TesseracT & Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh)
10 All We Knew And Ever Loved (feat. Baard Kolstad of Leprous)

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