Kosheen brings electronic nostalgia after 25 Years – Chinnerys, Southend

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Article & Photography by Damien Harvey

Kosheen’s 25th Anniversary UK Tour concert at Chinnerys, Southend, UK, was an extraordinary evening that encapsulated the essence of the group’s illustrious career. Held in the intimate confines of Chinnerys, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation, and the band did not disappoint as they delivered a setlist that spanned their dynamic musical journey.

It was a captivating journey through their two-and-a-half decades of electronic music, leaving an indelible mark on the audience at every turn. The carefully curated setlist showcased the band’s evolution, and the night unfolded as a testament to their enduring impact on the genre.

Opening with the pulsating beats of “Damage,” the crowd was immediately drawn into the electrifying atmosphere. “Save Your Tears” and “Wasting My Time” followed, creating a dynamic flow that set the tone for the evening.

One of the standout moments was the performance of “Boy in the Picture,” a cover by Kid Crème & Jolyon Petch featuring Sian Evans. This collaborative rendition not only added a contemporary twist to the set but also highlighted the seamless fusion of Sian’s vocals with diverse musical styles.

Including a Stanton Warriors cover, “Up2U,” brought a raw and energetic vibe, demonstrating Kosheen’s versatility in navigating different electronic sub-genres. Tracks like “Pride” and “(Slip & Slide) Suicide” provided powerful and emotive moments, showcasing the depth of Kosheen’s musical repertoire.

Sian Evans, the charismatic frontwoman, interacted warmly with the crowd, creating an intimate connection. Between songs, she shared stories and glimpses of an insight into the band’s journey and the inspiration behind some of their iconic tracks. This personal touch added an extra layer of connection, making the concert feel like a shared celebration of the band and the fans.

As the set approached its peak, the haunting notes of “Hide U” resonated through the venue, and met with a chorus of cheers from the crowd. The encore, featuring “Catch” and “Louder,” served as a thrilling climax, leaving the audience on an exhilarating high.

In summary, Kosheen’s 25th Anniversary UK Tour concert was a masterclass in electronic music, blending nostalgia with a forward-looking energy. Sian Evans’ engaging interaction and storytelling added a personal touch to the night, making it not just a concert but a shared experience between the band and their devoted audience. It was a celebration of a remarkable journey, and the echoes of that night are sure to resonate with fans for years to come



Save Your Tears

Wasting My Time


All in My Head

Boy in the Picture



(Slip & Slide) Suicide

Empty Skies


Hide U



Artist: Kosheen

Sian Evans (Lead Singer)

Ron McElroy (Guitar)

Mitchell Glover (Drums)

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