“Lost In Grey” – A Thrilling Debut Album by WiderSin

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WiderSin, the Athens-based heavy rock band, makes an electrifying debut with their album “Lost In Grey.” Comprised of Kostas on vocals, Karafyllis on guitar, Manos on bass, and Fanis on drums, this powerhouse quartet delivers a compelling fusion of hard rock and heavy metal that pulsates with their unique flair and influences from iconic rock and metal bands. The album is a testament to WiderSin’s pursuit of a distinct sound, a signature that sets them apart in the realm of rock. Their maiden release, comprising tracks like “Cross The Line,” “Stone,” and “Father’s Son,” showcases the band’s prowess in crafting melodies that intertwine with powerful vocals and masterful guitar riffs. From the onset, the album commands attention with its unapologetic blend of hard rock and heavy metal, showcasing the band’s technical finesse and genuine passion for the genre. The eight-track collection takes listeners on a journey through gritty riffs, powerhouse vocals, and dynamic rhythms, each song stamped with WiderSin’s signature style.

Recorded at Lizard Studio in Greece, the album embodies traditional rock recording methods, employing legendary equipment like the Bonham-used Supraphonic snare drum and the classic valve amp plugged into a Marshall 4×12 cabinet with Greenback loaded speakers. This commitment to authenticity amplifies the album’s raw and captivating sound.

The album’s technical brilliance owes credit to Dimitris Karpouzas for recording and mixing, and the mastering talents of Steve Lado. The cover art by Andreas Saravanos aptly encapsulates the album’s essence—raw, intense, and captivating.

As WiderSin gears up for more live performances and prepares for their sophomore album, “Lost In Grey” stands as a testament to their promise—a thrilling debut that solidifies their place in the rock and metal music scene. It’s an album that invites listeners to lose themselves in its rich tapestry of sound and promises an exciting musical journey ahead.

  1. Cross The Line (music and lyrics by Karafyllis)
  2. 1000 Passwords (music and lyrics by Karafyllis)
  3. Stone (music and lyrics by Karafyllis)
  4. Manipulate (music and lyrics by Karafyllis)
  5. Martyrs (music by Karafyllis and lyrics by Yiorgos)
  6. Port (music and lyrics by Karafyllis)
  7. Into the Light (music and lyrics by Karafyllis) 8. Father’s Son (music and lyrics by Karafyllis) The album was recorded and mixed by Dimitris Karpouzas at Lizard Studio and the mastering is by Steve Lado

 Kostas (Vocals), Karafyllis (Guitar), Manos (Bass) and Fanis (Drums). 

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