Royal Hearts Single Review Mistaken – Ft. Kara from Spider Inside Her.

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Review by Graeme Wright

Royal Hearts is a Metalcore band that operates out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They first came to my attention with their recent single ‘Torn Between Skin And Bones’ which I thought was excellent, perfectly finding that sweet spot between melody and aggression which is a balance that is always difficult to achieve. I then listened to the rest of the band’s back catalogue and was mightily impressed with an outfit that doesn’t stray too far from their early 2000s influences but manages to introduce quality production, modern songwriting and complex structures that keep everything fresh and interesting.

So, I was pleased to receive their latest single for review, the sublime ‘Mistaken ’ which also features Kara from the band Spider Inside Her. Cutting to the chase, this is a great sub-two-minute track that shows a clear progression in the band’s style and is probably the most extreme record I’ve heard from this outfit so far. It’s a punchy shock to the system with angry but affecting vocals and an atmospheric bass and drum backline that combine perfectly with insistent lead guitar work. This bodes well for the future of this band, although to paraphrase a much better journalist than myself, “the pink and fluffy brigade need not apply.” I look forward to future releases with avid interest.

Royal Hearts:

Ryan Camuto – Vocals

Javier Sardinas – Guitar

Nelson Tran – Bass

Michael Summers – Drums/Backing Vocals

Track Listing –

Mistaken – Ft. Kara from Spider Inside Her.

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