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For those sniggering at the back, the origins of this band’s name aren’t what you think. I’m not going to reveal it in this review as part of the fun is researching the story yourself and taking on board the band’s amusing explanation for their moniker, but I’m not sure I totally believe them to be honest! Temple Balls are from Finland and this is their fourth album. They’ve received a big push from Frontiers Records for this album and it’s easy to see why because it’s a fantastic release. I loved their last album, 2021’s ‘Pyramids’, but as far as I’m concerned this is even better and is a pitch-perfect mix of high energy Heavy Rock combined with both playing and production quality of the highest order. The band received rave reviews from their recent tour with H.E.A.T and they’ve carried that impetus forward with this release, which clearly shows a band at the peak of their powers.

What you get here are eleven great songs, no ballads, screaming twin guitars and immensely catchy and invigorating choruses that will satisfy Metal fans old and new. Five musicians of the highest quality combine to produce an album that is nostalgic but is also absolutely modern and relevant with complex arrangements, big melodies and screaming guitar solos that are driven by a pounding back line that perfectly complements the fantastic Arde Teronen’s vocals.

The opener ‘All Night Long’ gives you a good idea of what’s to follow and is a grand opening to the record. Fast-paced and immediate with a hook and chorus that hits a home run on the very first listen, it’s quickly clear we are in the hands of a band who knows what they are doing. ‘Trap’ is up next and has a touch of prime Dokken about it (albeit with gruffer vocals). Teronen’s vocals soar here and it’s another great song. ‘Lonely Stranger’ is my favourite track on this record. Arena quality Heavy Rock with brilliant harmonics and a punch-the-air style chorus, I’ve hammered this song over the last few days.

‘Stand Up And Fight’ is slightly slower-paced and is the heaviest track on the record. It marches along to a huge drum and bass accompaniment and is yet another belter. ‘Prisoner In Time’ sees a slightly more melodic approach while the first single ‘Strike Like A Cobra’ sounds exactly how you’d both expect and want it to, slightly reminiscent of recent Skid Row, but all the while retaining the band’s own sound. ‘No Reason’ is a chant-along Def Leppard-style chugger with another huge chorus, while ‘Northern Lion’ is a frantic and fast-paced effort that gallops down the track at high speed and just doesn’t stop.

‘Dead Weight’ keeps things moving, while ‘Stone Cold Bones’ is a song that’s received a lot of praise from fans and reviewers alike and is something a bit different from the band compared to the rest of the record, with heartfelt emotional singing and a beautiful arrangement being the main attraction here. The title track ‘Avalanche’ closes out the album in fine style and is a fast-paced and aggressive traditional rocker. In conclusion, this is a great album and one that will be in the top ten list of anyone who’s heard it once we reach the end of the year. Top quality musicians with a great vocalist and brilliant songs, this should be near the top of your list for Santa this year.


Arde Teronen – Vocals

Jimi Välikangas – Bass

Jiri Paavonaho – Guitar

Niko Vuorela – Guitar

Antti Hissa – Drums


  1. All Night Long
  2. Trap
  3. Lonely Stranger
  4. Stand Up And Fight
  5. Prisoner In Time
  6. Strike Like A Cobra
  7. No Reason
  8. Northern Lion
  9. Dead Weight
  10. Stone Cold Bones
  11. Avalanche

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