Warrior Soul Live Classic Grand Shock City productions

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Warrior Soul is a heavy metal / hard rock / alternative metal band originally from New York that formed in 1987, the band was formed by Kory Clarke after a solo by Kory Clarke / Warrior Soul. Like most bands, there have been some changes in personnel and some band tragedies but Kory has always kept the music the main focus throughout this rock n roll process, the band have given us 15 studio albums including 2022’s Out On Bail. The boys stop off in Glasgow to bring their electrifying Warrior Soul UK Tour to my fine city tonight.

In the heart of Glasgow, the legendary Classic Grand played host to a night of pure, unadulterated rock energy as Warrior Soul took the stage. The anticipation in the air was palpable, and from the moment the first chord echoed through the venue, it was clear that this was going to be a night to remember.

Frontman Kory Clarke’s charismatic presence was nothing short of electrifying. From the get-go, he commanded the audience’s attention with his raw and unapologetic stage presence. Clarke’s vocals cut through the air like a razor, delivering the lyrics with a combination of grit and passion that only a seasoned rocker like him can muster.

The band’s setlist was a well-crafted journey through their discography, blending old-school classics with newer tracks that showcased Warrior Soul’s evolution over the years. The crowd was taken on a sonic rollercoaster, with each song building on the energy of the last. From anthemic choruses to blistering guitar solos, every element of the performance felt meticulously orchestrated yet infused with a rebellious, spontaneous spirit.

The boys came at us with the electrifying “Intro” / “Interzone” which kicked the energy zone into overdrive as the boys blasted us with full power raw rock n roll, we were in for a real night to remember from this charismatic frontman who has my buddy and bassman extraordinaire My Christian Kimmett who is ripping up the rule book right here in Glasgow tonight.

We continued the night with the equally blistering banger “Downtown” kicked in the doors with the awesome “Generation Graveyard” and raised the tempo with the colossal “Love Destruction” that had the crowd singing together as Kory shapeshifted all over the small but proportioned stage as the boys raised the tempo with high energy grooves and a thundering rhythm section from Ivan that was strong, energetic and on point.

Kory Clarke was on blistering form as he chatted with us and thanked us for coming out to support live music which brought a huge cheer as I can tell you this was a show not to miss right here in the heart of Glasgow, there were 3 other shows in town tonight but this was a hot ticket that was not for the faint-hearted let me tell you, we continued the power-driven rock drenched night with killer tracks “Back On The Lash”, “The Drug” and the awesome foot stomping beast “Out On Bail”.

Tonight was 90 minutes of sheer rock n roll with powering riffs and thundering basslines that just wrapped themselves around us tonight as we watched in awe as this energetic ball of rock-roll majestic power drove his killer juggernaut straight through the heart of Glasgow tonight and I was glad to say I was there, let’s also give a shout out the fantastic ShockCityProductions for bringing a rock n roll legend to the fine folk of Glasgow, cheers Pete McLean & crew for an awesome night.

We geared up for a mid-section of powering riffs and thundering drums as the boys kicked straight in with a colossal 4 song explosion in the form of “Losers”, “Punk & Belligerent”, “Rotten Soul” & the real sing-along beast that was “Charlie’s Out” and that took the energy levels up to 10 as we sang, toe tapped and just lapped up this awesome performance.

The connection between the band and the Glasgow audience was undeniable. Clarke’s banter between songs revealed a genuine appreciation for the fans, and the crowd reciprocated with an energy that reverberated throughout the venue. Classic Grand transformed into a haven for die-hard rock enthusiasts, with fists pumping and heads banging in unison.

The sound quality at Classic Grand was superb, allowing every instrument to shine without sacrificing the raw, gritty essence of Warrior Soul’s music. The venue’s intimate setting further heightened the impact of the performance, creating an immersive experience that engulfed the audience in the sonic waves of rock ‘n’ roll.

The boys fiddled with the setlist and changed it up to deliver a real energy-zapping end section that brought us the shredding rhythm beating “Ass Kickin”, “Burning Bridges” and the set ending “Wasteland” that brought the curtain down on a night-taking us back in time to remember this charismatic rock n roll legend as he ploughed through a real killer set that we just didn’t want to end, as the boys left the stage we were bellowing out ‘One More Song, ‘One More Song and the boys obliged with the set ending beast that is “Bad News

As the night reached its crescendo, Warrior Soul unleashed a powerhouse encore that left the crowd both exhilarated and craving more. The final notes hung in the air, and as the band exited the stage, there was no doubt that Glasgow had just witnessed a rock spectacle for the ages. I have to give a shout-out to my rock n roll brother Mr Christian Kimmett who delivers a really deep mesmerising bassline that worked well with the colossal licks from Adam that were wrapped in the tub-thumping from the dude at the back Mr Ivan Tambuc as he pounded his way through a glorious setlist that was just on the money

In conclusion, Warrior Soul’s performance at Classic Grand was a testament to the enduring power of rock music. From Kory Clarke’s magnetic stage presence to the band’s tight and powerful musical delivery, every element aligned to create a night of pure rock ‘n’ roll magic. The Glasgow crowd left the venue with ringing ears, satisfied souls, and a shared memory of a night that celebrated the unbridled spirit of true rock music.

Warrior Soul  –

                      Kory Clarke  –  Vocals

                      Adam Arling  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals

                      Christian Kimmett  –  Bass / Backing Vocals

                      Ivan Tambac  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Intro / Interzone


            Generation Graveyard

            Love Destruction

            Back On The Lash

            The Drug

            Out On Bail


            Punk & Belligerent

            Rotten Soul

            Charlie’s Out


            Ass Kickin

            Burning Bridges

            Bad News(R & R Boyfriend)

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