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Review By Darren McIntyre

Michael Des Barres is a rock n roll star, actor, and radio host who has played in bands such as Silverhead, Detective, The Power Station & his latest project The Mistakes. Michael has acted alongside the likes of Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier & Clint Eastwood, and done loads of TV like WKRP in Cincinnati, Seinfeld & Macgyver. These days he is hosting the morning slot for Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist Little Steven Van Zandt on SiriusXM Radio, not only is Michael a very talented and busy man he is also a doting father and round good egg, today he launches his cover of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends 70’s classic Soul Shake, please join me as I walk us through this foot-stomping 70’s classic.

Soul Shake – A sweet crisp guitar riff pours from the intro as the fantastic backing vocals set the tone as this foot-stomping blues track unfolds and really socks it to us. The rhythm section is handing us solid snare drum punches that really shake this track loose, we have fantastic keys littered throughout this awesome piece of music. The whole arrangement just has you up on your feet and feeling the vibe pass through you like nothing else as Michael’s gravelly vocals just take this track to the next level, we have solid funk basslines dropping epic grooves all through this fantastic non-stop thrill ride track that has you smiling from ear to ear as the funky fresh full-on groove just washes over us and takes us on the journey that has us reaching for the repeat button. The well-arranged piece brings us fantastic backing vocals that just wrap itself around the feel-good track that is building and building with every note that comes our way.

Michael Des Barres & Chris Rodgers  –

                                                             Michael Des Barres  –  Vocals

                                                             Chris Rodgers  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals

TrackListing  –

                     Soul Shake

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