Energy and Raw TalentThat is Wicked Smile as they Rock the Tapestry, Bradford”

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Review Jmm photos by Paul McWilliams

Wicked Smile took the stage at the Tapestry in Bradford and unleashed an electrifying display of heavy metal mastery. The evening was a relentless assault on the senses, showcasing the best of the genre in an unforgettable performance.

Frontman Danny’s vocals were nothing short of extraordinary, exuding power and passion that resonated through every chord and riff. His range was remarkable, delivering a performance that was both commanding and deeply emotive, leaving the audience in awe.

A highlight of the evening was “Stronger,” where Cassidy Paris joined the band on stage. Her presence infused an extra layer of intensity, elevating the performance to new heights. The chemistry between Cassidy and the band was palpable, resulting in a truly unforgettable moment for all in attendance.

“Rainbow in the Dark” was a definite highlight, with the band delivering a rendition that was not just faithful to the original but injected with their own unique flair. The energy pulsating through the venue was palpable, creating an electric connection between the band and the crowd.

As the night drew to a close, Wicked Smile sealed its place in the audience’s memory with “Daze of Delirium.” The haunting melody and powerful instrumentation served as a fitting conclusion to an evening filled with adrenaline-pumping tunes and expert musicianship.

The setlist was a rollercoaster of headbanging hits, featuring tracks like “Killer at Large,” “Never Surrender,” “Date With The Devil,” “Don’t Wait for Me,” and “Night Time Riders.” Each song was delivered with a ferocity that resonated long after the final chord had faded. In conclusion, Wicked Smile’s show at The Tapestry Bradford was heavy metal at its very best—a captivating, adrenaline-pumping experience that solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. If given the chance, do not miss the opportunity to witness their electrifying stage presence and musical mastery firsthand.

SetList Killer at Large Never Surrender Date With The Devil Don’t Wait for Me Night Time Riders Stronger (with Cassidy Paris) Rainbow In The Dark Daze Of Delirium

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