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Review By Darren McIntyre

Romeo’s Daughter is a Contemporary / AOR / Mainstream rock band that originally formed in 1985 and was thrust into the limelight when their track Heaven In The Backseat on A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dreamchild Soundtrack.

The band brought us their self-titled debut album in 1988 and followed that up with their 2nd offering Delectable in 1993, the band split in 1995 and took a hiatus only to reform again in 2009.

The band had been working on new material and delivered to us Rapture in 2012 and followed that with Spin in 2015, fast forward to 2023 and with a couple of British tours under their belt they unleash their brand new album Slipstream upon the world, please sit back, strap yourself in and get ready to be taken on a journey as I take us through this epic new offering from the one and only Romeo’s Daughter.

Over You – boom from the off we get a real sludgy guitar riff that works in perfect harmony with Leigh’s powering bluesy vocals that let this colossal opening track do its thing. The mellow synth tones that flow freely through the track are just fantastic as they drive this killer track onwards, we get a soulful snare drum beat that brings the rhythm section into focus as this foot-stamping classy rocker track changes tempo and brings in a slick clean guitar lick that elevates this well-written piece as we rock out with this phenomenal aor outfit that has brought the groove in this opening salvo let me tell you.

Everything – Solid snare drum punches give this track depth and attitude as Leigh’s smouldering tones dig deep and bring this fantastic track to our attention. There are smooth bassline tones rippling through this fantastic arrangement that lets us know that Romeo’s Daughter is back and back with a real meaty slab of AOR that just slots into place. The rhythm section commands the beat as the mellow guitar licks wander freely through this toe-tapping melodic track that takes us on the journey with the band as they deliver sweet, mellow tones that are infectious and then some.

How Does It Feel – This is an acoustic strumming ballad track that builds into a foot-stomping blues eruption as the soulful vocals really let this track soar. The deep bassline wraps itself around this well-crafted arrangement as the band finds their groove and really sock it to us, we have sweet, slick guitar licks that are letting this phenomenal track build and really bring the contemporary feel to this exquisite piece of music as it takes us on a journey to really let these guys tell the story as it weaves through this incredible number.

Inseparable – The tempo rises from the off as a real gritty rocking groove pours from the intro as the snare drum punches rain down on us as this killer track really tells its own tale. The pounding groove really gets the juices flowing as the smooth soulful vocals ease into the composition and it takes off from there and just wraps itself around you. The bassline drops sweet deep funk tones all through the track as the tempo pushes all the way and lets the guitar licks wander freely through the mid section as this well-written track erupts into a full-on rock piece that just grows on you and really delivers with truckloads of groove and depth that is just awesome as gritty rasping guitar licks drive straight through the heart of this awesome arrangement.

Rumour – Acoustic strings ooze from the intro as Leigh’s incredible vocals pour through the track and let the bassline drop full-on grooves that instantly settle us into the composition. The rhythm section comes with a real punchy solid snare drum beat that brings cymbal snaps that let the beat take this track onwards, the composition is just soothing and just catches us off guard as we are taken to another place to feel the emotion pulsing through us as we are transported with slick, cool guitar licks that are wrapped in deep full on bass tones that really deliver with ease as the colossal vocals just do their thing.

Thinkin’ About You – A pounding bass kick is the first thing to grab your attention as this slick guitar riffed intro climbs and climbs as the groove just rocks big time. The snare drum beats are strong and really take this track in the right direction as the groove just pours from every musician as this cool punchy beast opens and really gives it to us straight. The vocals are just on fire as they build and grab us with their soulful tone and punchy vibe that just works so well in this cool piece, we are being taken on a journey with this epic slab of AOR that is something special as we have been waiting a long time for this band to bring us a real gritty rocking album and this is is folks let me tell you.

Time Of Your Life – Sweet cool guitar picks wander freely through the intro as the melodic soulful vocals make themselves known in this awesome piece of music. The band are tight and on the song, as this foot-tapping track takes us somewhere else we slow the pace down a little as the band show us their softer side with a real mellow groove-laden track that is full of solid snare drum beats that flow effortlessly with a deep bass laden groove that wraps itself around this incredible number as we just close our eyes and feel the emotion oozing from this fantastic arrangement. The sweet clean guitar licks control the depth of this amazing number as we close our eyes and just let the music wash over us and let the guys do their thing.

Good Man Gone Bad – We return to normal duties as this slick gritty guitar riff opens this punchy rocking beast as we feel the energy kicking in the doors and let the smooth vocals really grab us. The rhythm section is hitting us with solid snare drum beats that come armed with bass kicks to really drive this rocking arrangement onwards, we are feeling the groove as Romeo’s Daughter bring the heat in this solid foot-stomping rock n roll piece as we just let the gritty rhythm section guide us down the road as the slick shredding guitar licks erupt and set this track off with sweet clean tones that are wrapped in a real melodic vocals attack that is just elevating this powering number to another place.

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You – Incredible vocals ooze from the off as acoustic strumming chords really grab our attention as this smouldering number really takes us on the journey with the band. The cymbal snaps are awesome as they work so well with the pounding snare drum beats that are coming at us as this awesome track just wraps itself around us to let us feel the emotion pouring from this incredible number. Bass grooves are coming at us and giving this slick number a really intense feel as the cool guitar licks open up and just direct this track to bring us a melodic, punchy, soulful vocal arrangement that just shines.

Fake – The finishing track opens with sweet clean guitar licks that are wrapped around a solid snare drum beat that just allows the groove to hit us and hit us hard. The mellow vocals ooze quality, class and direction as Leigh just grabs our attention throughout this foot-stomping rock n roll beast that hits us with sultry mellow basslines that allow the funk element to drive this awesome track onwards. We have just been grabbed and shaken with such vigour with this incredible rock n roll record that you will be reaching for the repeat button as we feel the electricity working its way through this solid-driven slab of mainstream music that if you get a chance to catch this band do so as you won’t be disappointed.

Romeo’s Daughter  –

                                Leigh Matty  –  Vocals

                               Craig Joiner  –  Guitar

                               Stephen Drennan  –  Bass

                               Andy Wells  –  Drums

Tracklisting  –

                    Over You


                    How Does It Feel



                    Thinkin About You

                    Time Of Your Life

                    Good Man Gone Bad

                    I’ll Make A Man Out Of You                     Fake

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