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Review By Darren McIntyre

Stone Angels are a heavy brooding rock n roll outfit from the vibrant cornucopia that is Brighton, England. The boys began their journey in 2011 and drew their inspiration from the Classic LA Rock, Seattle Grunge & the Legendary UK Rock Scene, this has allowed them to share the stage with the likes of Hot Milk, InMe & Skindred. The boys delivered us their debut album Give In To Temptation in 2014 and immediately set about bringing their follow-up to us, this began in 2018 and is about to be finished and dropped upon us from a great height. To whet our appetites the boys handed us their gripping new single Where The Crows Fly which I reviewed for you way back in September, today they deliver their growling beast of a follow-up in the form of Hold On Which I will be reviewing for you today, please strap yourself in and Hold On(see what I did there).

Hold On – From the off, we get a real sludgy riffed guitar intro that has a solid pounding rhythm section that just lets this rock n roll monster bare its teeth and really kick in the doors to allow this colossal rocker to come at us. The gravelly melodic vocals are just flowing effortlessly through this killer groove as cool dark meaty basslines wrap themselves around this fantastic new track, we have a foot-stomping growler beat that is just catching our attention as the thundering bass kicks explode before us and just give this incredible track the recognition it deserves as it takes on all comers and just sweeps them aside with their crushing riffs and colossal rhythms that are cascading through this epic groove laden rock n roll journey that these boys are taking us on.

Stone Angels  –

                       Niall Kersey  –  Vocals

                       James Innes  –  Lead Guitar

                       Sam Sayers  –  Bass

                       Loz Ford  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Hold On

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