COBRAKILL Unleashes Raw Energy with ‘Same Ol’ Nasty Rock N’ Roll’ Single

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The thunderous roar of metal resounds once again as COBRAKILL, the German metal sensation recently signed to Frontiers, teases their upcoming album ‘Serpents Kiss’ with the release of their electrifying single, ‘Same Ol’ Nasty Rock N’ Roll’. This anthem encapsulates the unbridled spirit and unapologetic attitude that defines the band’s sonic journey.

‘Same Ol’ Nasty Rock N’ Roll is a tantalizing glimpse into the band’s growth, a testament to their prowess in crafting meticulously orchestrated compositions. Playful yet relentless, COBRAKILL seamlessly melds metal, rock, sleaze, and glam, resurrecting the ’80s allure while proclaiming the enduring vitality of rock n’ roll in the contemporary scene. The track captures the essence of COBRAKILL’s live performances, described by fans as enchanting, reminiscent of witnessing the raw energy and enthusiasm of a young Mötley Crüe dominating the stage. It’s no wonder their debut physical release flew off shelves within weeks, a testament to the band’s undeniable talent and the sheer quality of their music.

In summary, COBRAKILL’s latest single is a blistering testament to their growth and prowess, offering a tantalizing taste of what’s to come with ‘Serpents Kiss’. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey through the realm of raw, unapologetic rock n’ roll in 2024.

Nick Adams – vocals
Randy White – guitar
Tommy Gun – guitar
Crippler Ramirez – bass
Toby Ventura – drums

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