TESSERACTS Redefines Celldweller’s “Shapeshifter” in a Genre-Defying Remix

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TESSERACTS, a Polish duo known for their daring musical experimentation, has unleashed an electrifying remix of Celldweller’s “Shapeshifter” (feat. Styles Of Beyond), challenging the boundaries of musical genres and delivering a sonic experience that defies conventional norms.

In this audacious reinterpretation, TESSERACTS blends elements of electronic and hip-hop genres, creating a sonic fusion that pushes the boundaries of sound itself. The remix pulses with an escalating intensity, fueled by gritty synths, rhythmic drums, and a commanding bassline, seamlessly interwoven with rap verses from Styles Of Beyond. Retaining the essence of Celldweller’s original production, the remix amplifies its edginess, offering a dynamic and explosive auditory journey that is set to captivate fans of both act

TESSERACTS’ bold remix of “Shapeshifter” stands as a testament to both the enduring legacy of Celldweller’s pioneering sound and the constant evolution of musical innovation. This electrifying collaboration serves as a vibrant addition to Celldweller’s storied discography, breathing new life into a classic while celebrating its influential journey through the realms of popular culture

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