Collateral: Unveiling Rock Majesty at Bannermans, Edinburgh

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Review And Photos By Linda McDermott

Bannermans witnessed an electric night as Collateral, a band forging their path in rock, took the stage for the first time at this venue. Having previously experienced their powerhouse performance at Firevolt, tonight’s gig held promises of a setlist blending old favourites and fresh tracks, giving fans a glimpse into the band’s evolution.

Band’s Journey and Performance: Since their last standout gig, Collateral embraced a period of introspection, channelling their energies into crafting new material for an upcoming album, supported by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their intent for the night was clear – a dynamic fusion of their well-known hits and new compositions. Starting with the invigorating ‘Lullaby’ from their eponymous album, Collateral’s signature beats intertwined with subtle country tones, captivating the audience’s ears.

Musical Essence and Emotional Depth: ‘About This Boy’ showcased the band’s ability to blend hard rock with melodious undertones, encapsulating themes universally relatable. Amidst their repertoire, a poignant tribute to lost love, composed from a place of deep emotion, found solace in their performance, resonating with both pain and catharsis.

Closing Moments and Audience Engagement: Concluding their set with the infectious ‘Mr. Big Shot,’ Collateral seamlessly intertwined crowd participation, inviting everyone to join in, culminating the night with an explosion of energy. For the uninitiated, this gig was a testament to the band’s prowess and an invitation to dive into their rich musical landscape.

Set List Highlights:

  • Lullaby
  • Sin on the City
  • Promise Land
  • Final Stand
  • Glass Sky
  • Long Road
  • About This Boy
  • No Place for Love
  • Big Shot
  • Sold
  • Midnight Queen
  • Merry

Videos and Overall Impression: The provided video snippets, especially ‘About a Boy – live at Stonedead festival’ and ‘Sin in the City,’ encapsulates Collateral’s live fervour, offering a taste of their magnetic stage presence. The night was an amalgamation of three outstanding bands, proving that Monday nights were meant for live music, not idle evenings. Undoubtedly, attendees departed with a resonating sense of fulfilment from the musical feast.

Special Mention: A heartfelt mention goes to the thoughtful lady crafting origami charms for the band members, symbolizing good luck. Her gesture encapsulates the hope that these bands, with their incredible music, attain the recognition and success they rightfully deserve.

In essence, Collateral’s performance at Bannerman’s stood as a testament to their evolving musical prowess, delivering a night that resonated with both familiar tunes and innovative sounds, leaving the audience thoroughly enthralled and longing for more.

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