C Bone Trio: Blues Fusion Excellence at the Tuesday Night Music Club

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Photos and review first posted by Ken Jackson

The Tuesday Night Music Club at its core embodies the thrill of encountering fresh musical talents. My routine of preliminary research on the artists notwithstanding, each performance brings with it the promise of surprise and discovery. The recent gathering at the club introduced the audience to C Bone, also known as Christopher Hogg, a seasoned blues busker and festival funkster reigning from Cornwall’s musical shores.

C Bone’s decade-long tenure in the Southwest Coast music scene, originally with The Big Sets and now fronting his Trio, showcased his profound blues expertise. His collaboration with bassist Dr Funk, aka Jonny Rubin, a childhood friend from Sunderland, has garnered a considerable following on social media, where glimpses of their blues and funk jams have captivated online audiences.

The evening unfolded with the band’s Trio taking centre stage, heralded by the esteemed host Richard Dunning, a fixture in the music scene and the club’s affable host. Richard’s discovery of their talent, featuring their tracks on his radio show ‘Blues on the Radio,’ prompted his swift decision to book them for the Tuesday Night Music Club.

The Trio’s first set was met with instant applause from an engaged audience, setting the tone for an immersive experience. Witnessing the band hit their stride and elevate their performance, particularly with the addition of the skillful saxophonist, Graeme Turner, was a testament to their musical prowess. The rhythmic tandem of Darren Hurworth, their exceptional drummer for the night, alongside Dr. Funk, propelled the band’s sound with seamless precision.

Their repertoire, a blend of tracks from their debut album ‘North Sea Breeze’ and meticulously executed covers, left an indelible mark on the crowd. Eager to own a copy of the album, a swift trip to the merchandise desk revealed a cash-only policy, but the kindness of a fellow attendee ensured I secured my treasure – a testament to the band’s undeniable appeal.

The second set mirrored the vibrancy and fervour of the first, extending the musical journey with more tracks from the album and captivating covers. As the night drew to a close, despite the lingering desire for more, the audience rose in unified applause, met graciously by the band’s poignant finale cover.

In essence, C Bone and his Trio’s performance at the Tuesday Night Music Club delivered an unforgettable fusion of blues mastery, leaving an audience captivated and eagerly anticipating their next appearance on stage.

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