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Review By Darren McIntyre

La Force is the fascinating solo project of Ariel Engle who is a musician, and songwriter born and based in Montreal, Canada. La Force brought us her stunning debut album Hug Of Thunder in 2017 and has collaborated on many records and projects, today Ariel brings us her mesmerising new single Outrun The Sun from her spellbinding new album XO Skeleton, please sit back as I walk us through this colossal new offering.

Outrun The Sun – The funk groove element flows effortlessly through the intro as the haunting soulful vocals lead the way and let this track unfold. We get a really cool groove that brings in sampler elements and punchy drum beats that are littered with cymbal snaps that let this incredible piece of music grow, there are psychedelic tones thrown in for good measure as this electrifying track just grabs you and lets you feel the groove which is just pulsing through this mesmerising arrangement as it takes us on the journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. We are flowing freely in this trippy groove-laden piece that just allows you to feel free and surrounded by nature at its finest.

La Force  –

                Ariel Engle  –  Vocals

Track Listing  –                        Outrun The Sun

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