lil lotus nose bleeder album review

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With “Nosebleeder,” his second album, a pop-punk masterpiece that explores his battles with addiction, mental health, and turbulent relationships, Lil Lotus makes a dramatic comeback. The album, which was produced by Mike Pepe, Travis Barker and Matt Malpass, features partnerships with well-known artists including, little Aaron, Sace6, Alexis Munroe, Kendyxoxo, and Sophie Powers.

“Nosebleed” is a song that showcases Lil Lotus’s skill as a songwriter and singer in an unadulterated and genuine way. He creates catchy and poignant pop-punk choruses that captivate his listeners by skillfully fusing emo, rock, and hip-hop elements.

The track “Blame Me for Everything” delves into the complexities of grappling with relationship struggles despite earnest attempts to mend things. A collaboration with Mod Sun, the song serves as a prime example of a pop-punk anthem, exuding surface-level happiness while revealing poignant messages within its lyrics.

“Nosebleed,” the album’s title tune, reflects the fast-paced intensity of LA’s never-ending party culture. “Stockholm Syndrome,” starring sace6, delves into the introspective realm of poisonous relationships. “Ghost” is a combination of pop-punk and metalcore, while “She’s a Vampire” is inspired by the allure of Twilight (which, by the way, is one of the best book series ever!). “Play Dead” adopts a heavier tone, discussing unrequited feelings with tangible frustration throughout the song. “Everything You Hate About Me” is self-deprecating and sarcastic, criticising Lil Lotus’ critics and haters. On the other hand, “When Life Gives You Lemons” emerges as a pop-punk rock anthem, propelled by Sophie Powers’ powerful vocals.

Lil Lotus embraces his sincerity with “Nosebleeder,” sharing his personal story with the world. The album emerges like a pop-punk masterpiece, enabling listeners to feel, contemplate, and participate in the song. Whether you’re a die-hard Lil Lotus fan or just a fan of pop-punk in general, this album is a must-listen, demonstrating the artist’s uncompromising self-expression and storytelling prowess.

Track Listing
1. blame me for everything
2. how’s it feel to feel nothing?
3. nosebleeder
4. stockholme syndrome (ft. sace6)
5. what a time to be alive
6. ghost (ft. alexis munroe)
7. missouri
8. millionaire (ft. kennedyxoxo)
9. she’s a vampire
10. hailey’s comet
11. play dead
12. everything you hate about me
13. when life gives you lemons (ft. sophie powers)

14. shooting star

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