“Feral Sun’s ‘Better Than You Know’: A Potent Blend of Power and Passion”

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Review by Halina

London’s Feral Sun masters the art of juxtaposing grandeur with genuine emotion effortlessly in their latest single.

In this new release, the quartet showcases an epic, swaggering riff combined with vocals that ache with longing, marking their most assertive and daring statement yet. The track not only flexes its musical muscles with robust force but also carries a poignant depth capable of tugging at your heartstrings.

Bearing the same electrifying guitar prowess that has propelled bands like Alter Bridge to global success, this song grooves with immense power, maintaining an irresistible forward momentum. Mick Burn’s vocals exude a raw grit intertwined with soulful resonance, adding layers of intensity to the music.

Feral Sun has lingered on the brink of becoming a major player in the music scene, and ‘Better Than You Know’ seems poised to catapult them into the big leagues. It’s a sonic testament that holds the potential to elevate their status to new heights. Keep an eye on this rising force in music—watch them soar.

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