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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Inspector Cluzo are Gascon farmers turned rock n roll stars Malcom (Laurent Lacrouts) & Phil (Mathieu Jourdain) from Mont – De – Marsan who formed in 2008. The boys are first & foremost farmers who have a self-sufficient way about how they run their farm and have turned that into a pair of rockers who take what they do to the next level, they deliver colossal grooves with powering drums that set them apart from anyone else out there at the minute. Let me tell you this, take two guys give them a guitar, drums a couple of mics and watch them tear the roof off of any venue in the land. Tonight the boys bounce onto the hallowed stage @ King Tut’s where it all started for these two rock n’ rollers 15 years ago, the place is rammed and we are ready to have our minds blown as these two boys ready us for a colossal rollercoaster journey that is gonna take the roof off of this iconic venue tonight. Mathieu takes his place behind the kit as Laurent plugs in his guitar, turns up the amp to 11 and bosh we are ready. The place is reaching fever pitch as Laurent steps forward and bellows out ‘ Hello Glasgow it’s so good to be back ‘, we are ready as the boys rip open the doors with the mesmerising beast that  is –

Act Local, Think Global – The place is packed to the rafters as Laurent lets rip with a real soulful melodic riff that is joined by a pounding groove as Mathieu joins the party and kicks in the doors with a funky display that lets this crowd know that the boys are back and coming for us. The crowd are stamping their feet and feeling the full funk effect of this enigmatic duo as they set about taking the roof off of King Tut’s tonight, may I say I think they might just achieve that. The boys are so much in tune as they drive their juggernaut right through the heart of Glasgow as they rock out and really give us what we came for tonight. The whole audience is already eating from the palms of their hands as they really rock out and take this place apart, we are hollering loudly and showing the boys some love as they thank us for coming out to see 2 farmers rock out and let them give us the best hour that we will get as we roll into –

Running A Family Farm Is More Rock n Roll Than Playing Rock n Roll – The track begins with Mathieu giving us snare drum taps that let this gritty growling beast erupt with real swagger as the boys come at us with gravelly rasping vocals that let this track punch us straight in the face with its raw power and real edgy lyrics that have this crowd baying for more. The funky pounding groove is just intense as the boys build up the tempo as they tear down the walls tonight of this iconic building we feel the energy oozing from the stage tonight, the shredding guitar licks are filling the venue and cope really well with the thundering beat that is flowing from the drum kit as we just revel in the beauty of these two incredible musicians as they take this place to another level, the crowd are just loving the simplicity of these two down to earth guys that just want to make us smile and they do that in truckloads, we move onto towering track –

Saving The Geese – A pounding snare drum beat gets this shredding melodic foot-stamping beast off the ground(see what I did there) as Laurent’s gravelly vocals break through and give this track some depth. The bass kicks flow effortlessly through the track as the boys dig deep and let this track go off on its own as we stand and watch with sheer pleasure etched on our faces, the rocking track breaks off and brings us sweet cool guitar picks as Laurent’s sweet vocals tell their own story as Mathieu shatters the air with funky pounding beats that deliver killer cymbal crashes that just let this track flow and build as we feel the energy oozing from the hallowed King Tut’s stage tonight. The boys soak up the applause as we go wild and just let these boys give it to us big time, we roll onto –

The Outsider – This is a stripped-back affair that comes at us with soulful vocals that are wrapped in gritty riffs that are building and building as this epic arrangement grabs us and shakes us with such force that we are just in awe of this powering duo as they take us to another place with their vision and attitude that is just incredible for sure. The boys are enjoying themselves as they take the tempo and turn it on its head with ease as we stand open-mouthed and feel the outstanding groove that is being presented by these two outstanding musicians tonight, we roll into the colossal track that is – 

Horizon – The mellow track begins with soft cool cymbal taps that are welcomed with cool guitar licks that are warming the venue to what comes next. The rhythm section breaks away and delivers cymbal crashes that take this track to another place for sure, the sludgy guitar chords are wrapped in colossal gravelly vocals that just flow effortlessly through this thundering beast as it builds and builds with each riff that comes out way. The tempo changes pace several times as the boys take us on this journey that is just a thrill a minute pleasure to be on as we just witness the depth and attitude of this fantastic duo as they rip us  a new one with their colossal beat that just thrills this swelling Glasgow audience tonight, we are taken onto a mesmerising piece that is –

The Armchair Activist –  A slick groove-laden riff opens this energetic rock n roll groove beast as the boys kick in the doors and open with a thundering salvo that is just incredible. The thundering drum section is hitting us with bass kicks that are followed by snare drum punches that are deep and rich as the cymbal crashes rain down on us as this gravelly toned beast just tells it like it is as the boys are warming up to deliver a pounding groove that has everything we want from a fantastic guitar-laden rock n roll track that is just simmering under the surface, we lead onto –

Swallows – We change tempo as Laurent brings us cool acoustic picks that are wrapped in soulful melodic vocals that take this track to another place as the boys show us their humble side. Mathieu brings snare drum brush tones to this colossal piece as the whole place is silent as the boys take us on the journey with them as they let the story unfold and capture the essence of tonight’s show. The track is soft with a real tone as the boys take the tempo and turn it on its head as we stand and feel the emotion pouring from the hallowed King Tut’s stage tonight, this is a real game changer in tonight’s epic performance as the boys just let the story take us where we need to be, we applaud loudly and cheer wildly as the boys thank us for letting them entertain us in the place where it started for them 15 years ago, the boys take the cheers and the adulation as they lead us into –

Hey Hey, My My(Into The Black) – The place is still as Laurent bellows out with his husky gravelly tones as we begin to clap and get into this cool cover(Neil Young & Crazy Horse). The track erupts with a real solid pounding snare drum beat that has electrifying guitar licks that cut loose and let this fantastic piece come to life, the boys are looking out and seeing all the smiling faces, mine being one of them for sure. This is a powerful rock n roll arrangement that just shakes King Tut’s to its very core before we roll into –

Rockophobia –  A slow gritty rasping guitar riff wanders into the venue tonight as Laurent comes at us with gravelly vocals that just shape this track tonight. The pounding rhythm section is just erupting with thunderous snare drum beats that bring cymbal snaps that just elevate this rocking beast as we are told about Iggy Pop and his famous taking out his dick and shaking it around for hir adoring fans, the boys wrote this track and sent it to Iggy who loved it and that’s the story the boys convey in this epic piece of music tonight as we just watch in wonderment as Laurent lets rip with a swashbuckling solo that lifts the roof off this building as we really feel the energy oozing from this power duo as they take us to the edge and back again, we are in for a treat in the last song of their power drenched set as we flow into –

Almost Cut My Hair – The smouldering vocals pour from the stage as Laurent slows down the tempo and gives us a real lesson in how to put on a track, the cymbal taps shatter the air as Mathieu comes at us with a real solid pounding snare drum beat that has cymbal taps flowing effortlessly through this colossal rocking beast as we feel the energy erupting from this killer duo as they set this place on fire with their well-crafted version of this classic (David Crosby Cover). The boys are giving it laldy tonight as Mathieu pounds on the drums and Laurent strums emotionally all through this incredible piece of music that just captures these boys and what they bring to the music industry. As the night comes to the last track the boys again thank us and appreciate us coming out to watch two farmers deliver a thundering night of colossal riffs that are wrapped in a delicious rhythm section, this brings a huge cheer from this swelling audience, we roll into the last song of the night in the form of –

Put Your Hands Up –  Mathieu steps from behind the kit as Laurent lets rip with a shredding power-riffed guitar assault that gets this place rocking. The vocals come wandering through as the epic arrangement just explodes and the crowd goes insane as the boys just let loose with a real out-of-this-world riff that is being held together with a real solid rhythm section that just rips the roof clean off this venue tonight as we just stamp our feet and let ourselves feel the funk groove wash over us as these boys listen out for the chorus of Put Your Hands Up from us Glaswegians tonight as we just get to grips with these boys as they command our attention as they rock out on the hallowed stage and show us a good time for sure as Mathieu stage dives come back on stage and destroy his kit as he stands on the bass drum whilst playing the cymbals as Laurent takes the rest of the kit offstage and we just stand there rooted to the spot as they leave the stage to a salute that has us screaming with delight as we thank these two rocking farmers for showing us a great time tonight.

The Inspector Cluzo  –

                                   Malcolm – Laurent Lacrouts  –  Guitar / Vocals

                                   Phil – Mathieu Jourdain  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Act Local, Think Global

            Running A Family Farm Is More Rock n Roll Than Playing Rock n Roll

            Saving The Geese

            The Outsider


            The Armchair Activist


            Hey Hey, My My(Into The Black)


            Almost Cut My Hair(David Crosby Cover)

            Put Your Hands Up(We’re Inspector Cluzo)

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