Dead Days – Death Song – Single Review

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By Graeme Wright

Dead Days first came to my attention with their EP ‘Tyrants’ which was released by Theoria Records in 2021. They received some solid press because they were working with Justin “JD” DeBlieck from Ice Nine Kills and their brand of heavy and aggressive Metalcore music is right up my street. The market for this kind of music is saturated at the moment but for me what makes this band special is the ability to combine huge and heavily aggressive riffs and vocals with a genuinely melodic and accessible tone to their music which should open them up to a wider audience very shortly.

‘Death Song’ follows on in the style of their previous single ‘Past Life’ in that the lyrics are cathartic, intelligent and most of all deeply personal to singer Don Tuer. He explains that it’s all about drawing a metaphorical line in the sand and daring people to cross it and that it was written during a spell when he was in “a deep place of resentment and despair.” For me it’s the best song this band have released so far, it combines aggression with melody flawlessly and has a huge bass and drum backline that makes the track thunder along relentlessly. The vocal switches flawlessly from extreme Metal to genuinely soulful intonations and the overall package means that I will be looking forward to future releases from this outfit with great expectation.

Dead Days:

Don Tuer – Vocals

Jeff Folkes – Guitar

Jimmy Van Pham – Guitar

Wayne Jefferson – Bass

Adam Linka – Drums/Vocals

Track Listing –

Death Song

Photo Taken By Christina Marchioni.

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