Osiah Unleashes a Sonic Maelstrom with ‘Kairos’

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Review By Glen Parkes

Prepare for an auditory assault unlike any other as UK’s deathcore juggernauts, Osiah, gear up to release their latest inferno, ‘Kairos,’ via Unique Leader Records on Friday, December 8th. Offering a prelude to this apocalypse of sound, the band has teased audiences with visuals for tracks like “Kardashev Denied” and the hauntingly visceral “A Great Nothing.” Below, you’ll find an exclusive advanced stream of ‘Kairos’ for a preview of the cataclysmic onslaught to come.

Hailing from the visceral, extreme music epicentre of northeast England, Osiah shatters the confines of deathcore, delivering what could very well be the most torturous, filth-laden sonic barrage to emerge from the UK in recent memory. While the band traverses the familiar terrain of crushingly intense breakdowns and deathly chops, it’s the jarringly detuned guitars, unpredictable tempo shifts, and a vocal onslaught ranging from wide-ranging pitched screams to guttural, commanding roars that elevate their malevolence into an indescribable realm of darkness.

Osiah’s journey to sonic infamy began with the release of their first EP, ‘Reborn Through Hate,’ in 2015. The band’s ascent continued with their debut full-length album, ‘Terror Firma,’ unleashed in June 2016 via Siege Music, earning accolades from Metal Hammer Magazine, Bloody Disgusting, and other esteemed publications. This marked Osiah as the epitome of the UK deathcore scene—ferocious, incendiary, and unstoppable.

Their consequential rise led Osiah to ink a deal with Unique Leader Records in 2018, culminating in the release of their sophomore album, ‘Kingdom of Lies,’ in 2019. The band continued their relentless pursuit of sonic devastation with the release of ‘Loss’ in 2021 and their latest EP, ‘Chronos,’ early in 2023, setting the stage for the impending chaos that ‘Kairos’ promises to deliver.

Featuring tracks like “A Great Nothing,” “Kardashev Denied,” and more, the album’s tracklist hints at a relentless and ruthless auditory experience, where every track embodies a sonic onslaught, leaving no room for respite. Each minute of ‘Kairos’ is an unyielding descent into the depths of musical savagery, each note a testament to Osiah’s mastery in crafting aural violence.

As ‘Kairos’ looms on the horizon, Osiah stands poised to unleash a sonic tempest that will reverberate across the extremity of metal realms. Brace yourselves, for ‘Kairos’ is not merely an album—it’s a seismic event, a sonic cataclysm poised to redefine the very fabric of extreme music.

A Great Nothing 3:53 White Feather 3:51 Malice 4:04 Disillusion 4:34 The Inherited Sorrow 3:40 Kardashev Denied 4:38 Guardian 5:18 Momento Mori 4:34 Elder King 3:42 The Golden Throne 4:36 Seeds of Despair 4:37 Hues Refract

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