The Delines Craft a Subversive Yuletide Tale with ‘Christmas In Atlantis’

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The Delines, renowned for their soul-stirring blend of alternative Americana and country music, take a sharp detour from the traditional Christmas narrative with their latest offering, ‘Christmas In Atlantis.’ Set for release on December 7th, this marks the band’s inaugural foray into the holiday season, promising listeners a festive experience that diverges sharply from the conventional cheerful, merry tunes associated with Christmas.

Diving headfirst into the unconventional, ‘Christmas In Atlantis’ ventures into a realm where typical Yuletide jollity takes a backseat. The track, rather than invoking the imagery of Bing Crosby’s idyllic snow-covered scenes, introduces a gripping narrative laden with familial discord, political tension, and a concoction of chaotic elements. From sibling squabbles to potential inappropriate liaisons, a despondent grandmother, and the inevitable chaos that ensues, The Delines encapsulate the tumultuous essence of a less-than-perfect family Christmas. Intriguingly, the track holds true to the band’s signature style while avoiding explicit language, paradoxically presenting what might be hailed as the most ‘normal’ Christmas song with its own peculiar twist.

Recorded at Bocce studio in Vancouver, Washington, ‘Christmas In Atlantis’ bears the distinct imprint of producer, engineer, and mixer John Morgan Askew, who contributes to the song’s sonic richness. Meanwhile, the visual representation encapsulated in the sleeve, designed by graphics extraordinaire Aaron Draplin, adds an artistic flair to the limited edition 7″ vinyl release, available in a strict run of 1000 copies.

This unconventional Christmas single follows the success of The Delines’ critically acclaimed third album, ‘The Sea Drift,’ which garnered widespread acclaim in 2022, securing top positions in year-end polls across the UK and mainland Europe. The album’s achievements speak volumes, topping charts on Americana UK, earning accolades from esteemed figures like Gideon Coe at BBC 6 Music, and making significant appearances in publications such as Rolling Stone (France), Volkstrant (Netherlands), and El Pais (Spain).

Notably, the band’s lead songwriter, novelist Willy Vlautin, whose literary prowess is matched only by his songwriting talent, anticipates the publication of his seventh novel by Faber & Faber in 2024. Meanwhile, The Delines are entrenched in the studio, diligently crafting their fourth album, a precursor to an anticipated tour in 2024.

‘Christmas In Atlantis’ serves as a testament to The Delines’ ability to infuse the festive season with their distinctive brand of storytelling, offering a refreshingly unorthodox yet captivating addition to the holiday music landscape.

As the release date draws near, fans and enthusiasts alike await with bated breath for The Delines’ unconventional Christmas revelry, poised to bring a unique twist to the season’s musical repertoire.

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