“Acqua Fragile Unleashes Progressive Brilliance with ‘Moving Fragments’: A Renaissance in Italian Prog Rock”

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Review By Halina Wegner

Italian progressive rock has witnessed a resurgence in its most legendary form with Acqua Fragile’s comeback album, “Moving Fragments.” Reviving their legacy fifty years after their eponymous debut in 1973, this new release signifies not just a return but a revitalization of their iconic style and musical ethos.

The album, boasting original compositions across nine tracks, reflects the quintessential Acqua Fragile essence while weaving in fresh elements and evolution. The core trio—Piero Canavera on drums and vocals, Franz Dondi on bass, and Bernardo Lanzetti on lead vocals, guitar, and Glovox—welcomes Stefano Pantaleoni on keyboards, Claudio Tuma on guitars, and vocalist Rossella Volta, all seasoned performers who have previously shared the stage in live endeavours over recent years.

“Moving Fragments” traverses sonic landscapes with a blend of English and Italian vocals, upholding the band’s signature hallmarks: vocal harmonies, intricate time signatures, romanticism, theatricality, and a penchant for exploration. Building upon the groundwork laid by their previous effort, “A New Chant” (2017), the album flourishes with contributions from a diverse array of guest musicians, including British and American talents.

The tracklist unveils a melodic journey, each song a testament to Acqua Fragile’s artistic evolution and prowess. Noteworthy collaborations stand out, such as Stef Burns’ appearance on “White Horse On Dope,” infusing a dash of hard rock within intricate rhythmic structures, while the enigmatic “Black Drone” sees David Jackson’s horns (of Van Der Graaf Generator fame) enveloping the arrangement in ethereal allure.

Lanzetti’s creative drive melds seamlessly with Pantaleoni’s keyboard wizardry in tracks like “Her Shadow’s Torture,” “I A – Intelligenza Artificiale,” and “DD Danz,” where their synergy elevates the album’s sonic tapestry. The latter, an instrumental piece, showcases Pantaleoni’s compositional finesse and the band’s ability to weave intricate sonic narratives sans vocals.

In the realm of Italian compositions, “Il Suono Della Voce” stands out as a testament to Acqua Fragile’s prowess in their native tongue, while “IA Intelligenza Artificiale” presents an intriguing reflection on the concept of artificial intelligence, featuring Rossella’s compelling solo parts that resonate profoundly in today’s context.

The collective proficiency of guest musicians—such as Stef Burns, Brian Belloni, Sergio Ponti, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi, and David Jackson—adds layers of depth to the album, each artist leaving an indelible mark within the compositions they embellish.

“Moving Fragments” not only pays homage to Acqua Fragile’s illustrious past but serves as a statement of their enduring relevance and dynamism in contemporary progressive rock. Its fusion of classic elements with modern sensibilities attests to the band’s adaptability and musicianship, affirming their position as stalwarts of the genre.

In summary, Acqua Fragile’s “Moving Fragments” is a resplendent sonic odyssey that melds nostalgia with innovation, beckoning listeners into a realm where timeless musicality meets evolutionary creativity.

1. “Her Shadowʼs Torture” (S. Pantaleoni/B.lanzetti). Guest Gigi Cavalli Cocchi
on drums but also produced the cover and the band’s brand new logo
2. “White Horse On Dope” (B. Lanzetti). Guest guitarist Stef Burns
3. “Moving Fragments” (B.Lanzetti)
4. “Malo Bravo” (B.Lanzetti). Guests Brian Belloni/guitars and Sergio Ponti
5. “I A – Intelligenza Artificiale” (S.Pantaleoni/B.Lanzetti). Guest Davide
Piombino (7 string guitar)
6. “Black Drone” (B.Lanzetti). Guests, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (drums) and David
Jackson (sax and flute)
7. “DD Danz” (S.Pantaleoni). Instrumental
8. “Il Suono Della Voce” (B.Lanzetti)
9. “Limerence Ethereal” (B.Lanzetti). Guest Sergio Ponti (drums)

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