Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages’A Review of the Debut Album Redefines Psychedelic Fusion:

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Robby Krieger, renowned for his legacy with The Doors, embarks on a mesmerizing instrumental journey with The Soul Savages, delivering an awe-inspiring debut album set to release on January 19 through The Players Club / Mascot Label Group. The anticipation surrounding this release is met with sheer brilliance as Krieger and his ensemble redefine the boundaries of psych-rock soul, marking a milestone in his illustrious career.

The album, recorded at Robby’s Love Street Studios in Glendale, California, echoes the essence of organic collaboration and unfettered creativity. With a lineup boasting exceptional talent – Grammy and Emmy winners like Bassist-songwriter Kevin “Brandino” Brandon, Keyboardist-songwriter Ed Roth, and drummer-songwriter Franklin Vanderbilt – the synergy among these virtuosos transcends mere musical expression.

Krieger’s evolution as a musician becomes palpable through this album. Embracing soul music as a significant element, the ensemble delves into a spectrum of genres, from classic soul to 1960s jazz, blues, rock, and psychedelic nuances. The result is a ten-track masterpiece that pays homage to The Doors’ roots while propelling Krieger’s trajectory as a jazz-fusion guitarist.

Listeners familiar with Krieger’s distinctive style will revel in his signature fingerstyle fretwork, exploring jazz-infused slide guitar and funk-inspired rhythms. The album encapsulates Robby’s musical prowess, showcasing his ability to fluidly traverse genres while maintaining his unique identity.

Each track on “Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages” unveils a new facet of the band’s versatility. From the lysergic-laced funk of “Shark Skin Suit” to the cinematic funkiness of “Day In L.A” and the jazzy intricacies of “Ricochet Rabbit” and “Math Problem,” the album is a sonic expedition through intricate compositions and skillful improvisations.

The quartet’s infectious groove and technical finesse are evident throughout the album, cementing a musical journey that transcends conventional boundaries. The blend of Robby’s melodic expertise, Ed’s textured keyboard work, Brandino’s groove mastery, and Franklin’s rhythmic dynamism creates a tapestry of sound that captivates and enthralls.

As Krieger shares his enthusiasm for this album and its forthcoming live renditions, one can’t help but anticipate the profound connection that will ensue between the music and its audience. The promise of experiencing this electrifying fusion onstage adds to the excitement generated by this stellar debut.

In essence, “Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages” is a testament to the enduring legacy of a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, marking yet another milestone in Krieger’s musical journey. This album is not merely a collection of tracks but an auditory expedition inviting listeners into the boundless realm of musical exploration.

With its imminent release, this album promises to captivate audiences, solidifying Robby Krieger and The Soul Savages as torchbearers of innovative and immersive sonic experiences. As Krieger aptly notes, the connection between the music and its audience is bound to be profound, and this album is poised to resonate deeply within the hearts of listeners worldwide.

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