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Review By Darren McIntyre

Before I commence my review, I need to thank Paul McManus for his hospitality, Regular Music (Moira), and Thom (SonicPR) for making this happen.

GUN, originally Blind Allez then Phobia, is a hard rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, formed in 1987. They garnered attention worldwide with their colossal debut album “Taking On The World,” receiving critical acclaim. Despite personnel changes, the band retained their edgy, gritty rock ‘n’ roll essence since their inception. Over the years, they’ve delivered 7 albums, 3 compilations, and 29 singles. Their upcoming album, “Hombres,” is set to release in April 2024. Having toured globally and shared stages with industry giants like The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, The Dan Reed Network, FM, and the mighty Lynyrd Skynyrd, the band returns tonight to grace the world-famous Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow. Please sit back as I take us through this juggernaut show from these 5 charlatans as they bring the curtain down on 2023.

The venue is packed to the brim as Glasgow’s faithful show up in droves to witness Calton’s favourite sons rock this place to its foundations. The lights dim, and the anticipation mounts as the boys casually stroll onstage, welcomed by a hero’s reception, triggering a hail of screams, fist pumps, and stamping feet. The night kicks off with:

Lucky Guy – A pulsating bass drum kick introduces Dante’s soulful gravelly vocals, breathing life into this groove-laden new track. The foot-stomping beat allows the thundering snare drum punches to resonate, while the introduction of the new six-string slinger, Ru MacFarlane, seamlessly fits in. The track exudes an edgier sound, underpinned by a meaty rhythm section, setting the stage for a night of top-quality tunes and banter from the Gizzi boys.

She Knows – An iconic guitar shred ignites this blistering gig, accompanied by a punchy pounding snare drum groove. The guitar riff leads the charge, shifting gears into a melodic bass drum groove and a slick guitar solo that balances the opener’s energy.

Here’s Where I Am – A thick pounding beat emanates from the engine room, accentuated by snare drum punches, propelling this fuzzy guitar-led groover. The track elevates with a meaty funk drive and serenades us with smooth vocals, allowing the rhythm to take centre stage.

Don’t Say It’s Over – Starting with a rasping guitar riff, this classic track delivers a mix of gritty rasps and melodic vibes, leaving an indelible mark at The Barrowlands. Guitar licks flow freely, intertwining with dynamic energy, creating a trip down memory lane.

Backstreet Brothers – Jools introduces this new track with a cool swish lick, welcoming Dante’s unmistakable tones. The funky bass chords and melodic riffs surprise the crowd, adding a welcomed addition to this fantastic set.

Falling – Dante’s favouritism for this song is evident as he introduces it amidst cheers. The clean guitar lick leads to a punchy, rockin’ tone, showcasing the band’s incredible potential with new tracks.

Word Up (Cameo Cover) – A cool guitar-riffed intro brings this classic cover to life, accompanied by a punchy-driven beat. The iconic riff dominates the track, and Jools’ scintillating solo captivates the audience.

Long Road – Smooth bass kicks set the stage, dropping epic funk tones. The twin guitar licks establish a connection, while the melodic mid-section lets the crowd sing along, creating a heartfelt moment.

Take Me Back Home – Jools initiates with a slick, heavy-ended riff, leading into a foot-stomping, beastly track. The band’s enthusiasm for new material is palpable, and the crowd responds with fervour.

Money (Everybody Loves Her) – A gritty, rasping riff sets the tone, delivering a funk-laden groove. The track oozes attitude and power, reminding everyone why it’s an iconic GUN classic.

All Fired Up – Melodic crisp licks introduce this galloping beast, revealing a slickness and pop sensibility. The new material stands out, captivating the audience with its infectious energy.

Better Days – Dante shares the significance of this track, marking the band’s first-ever single. The bass kicks and thunderous bassline propel the track, culminating in a solo that resonates with the crowd.

Inside Out – Slick guitar riffs and a strong rasp vibe characterize this rock track, engaging the audience with its incredible chorus.

Steal Your Fire – A wall of pounding grooves erupts, commanding the audience’s attention. Strong vocals and intense guitar licks elevate the track, leaving the crowd in awe.

Taking On The World – Dante and Jools unite for this favourite, prompting a chorus of voices echoing the sentiment. The emotional resonance of this iconic track unites the crowd in musical harmony.

Higher Ground – Jools sets the stage for this belting track, supported by Dante’s deep, dark vocals. The slick licks and dynamic rhythm captivate the audience, concluding a colossal night of rock ‘n’ roll.

Shame On You – A gritty, classy riff leads this track, generating an electric atmosphere at The Barrowlands. The band’s performance, culminating in this staple Glasgow track, leaves everyone smiling and satisfied.

GUN Members:

  • Dante Gizzi – Vocals
  • Giuliano ‘Jools’ Gizzi – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Ru MacFarlane – Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Andy Carr – Bass / Backing Vocals
  • Paul McManus – Drums


  1. Lucky Guy – New Track
  2. She Knows
  3. Here’s Where I Am
  4. Don’t Say It’s Over
  5. Backstreet Brothers
  6. Falling – New Track
  7. Word Up (Cameo Cover)
  8. Long Road
  9. Take Me Back Home – New Track
  10. Money (Everybody Loves Her)
  11. All Fired Up – New Track
  12. Better Days
  13. Inside Out
  14. Steal Your Fire
  15. Taking On The World
  16. Higher Ground
  17. Shame On You

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