Album Review: “Always You” by Lyia Meta – A Jazz/Blues Masterpiece

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Review by Steve Shipley

Lyia Meta, a recipient of multiple music awards in recent years, continues to solidify her musical prowess. Following the triumph of her initial album, a collaboration with Los Angeles songwriter Denise Dimin, Lyia Meta, akin to the soulful essence of Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Carpenters, and the contemporary Alison Moyet, unveils a smoky jazz and blues resonance in her second album, “Always You.” This harmonious collection was cultivated across various time zones, weaving together sounds from Nashville, Rio De Janeiro, and Malaysia, resulting in an amalgamation of eight unforgettable tracks that transport listeners to the intimate ambience of a cherished jazz and blues haunt in London or New York.

“Always You” – Track by Track Insight:

1. Always You The titular track sets the album’s mood, blending mellowness and compelling lyrics harmoniously supported by piano accompaniment. Lyia’s sultry voice captivates, leaving listeners yearning for more from this engaging album.

2. As We Throw Caution To The Wind A powerful composition featuring a unique orchestration arrangement, Denise Diminb’s well-crafted lyrics provide a compelling narrative. Lyia Meta infuses this song with an emotive storytelling prowess, throwing caution to the wind.

3. For You Reflecting shades of Shirley Bassey, Lyia’s vocals soar, particularly hitting high notes with finesse. This well-crafted piece, backed by orchestration, stands out as a formidable track on the album.

4. It’s Up To You This track maintains an infectious energy, beckoning listeners to dance and immerse themselves in a moment of sheer joy. The upbeat melody creates an atmosphere of exuberance, adding to the album’s depth.

5. My Dream Lover A soothing melody seamlessly blends with piano and orchestration, crafting an unforgettable ambience. Lyia’s powerful vocals combined with memorable lyrics weave a mesmerizing tale.

6. Never Enough Time The song’s narrative of the scarcity of time echoes the sentiment of not having enough time to savour all the enchanting music. Lyia’s storytelling prowess shines through in this jazz/blues piece.

7. Savor Me A standout track exuding an upbeat tempo reminiscent of the ’70s, adorned with catchy elements. Its lively nature adds an impressive layer to the album’s fabric.

8. To Know What It’s Like Closing the album with finesse, this powerful track accentuates Lyia’s unforgettable talent, showcasing a compelling melody that leaves a lasting impression.

Final Remarks:

For aficionados of jazz and blues, “Always You” offers a sanctuary, providing respite after a challenging day. Drawing parallels to Norah Jones, Peggy Lee, and even a hint of The Carpenters in its piano and vocal tones, this album gradually captivates with each listen, becoming a staple in one’s collection. Delve into the musical landscape crafted by Lyia Meta and Denise Dimin, savouring each track’s distinct narrative and emotive resonance.

Track List:

  1. Always You
  2. As We Throw Caution To The Wind
  3. For You
  4. It’s Up To You
  5. My Dream Lover
  6. Never Enough Time
  7. Savor Me
  8. To Know What It’s Like


  • Lyrics and composition by Denise Dimin / Reel2Real Songs (ASCAP)
  • Vocals: Lyia Meta
  • Produced by: Bob McGilpin, Lyia Meta
  • Guitar, Bass, Drums, Arrangements: Bob McGilpin
  • Piano and Orchestration: Gene Rabbai
  • Recorded at: McMusicSound, Nashville, TN; Studio A, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Mixing and Mastering: Bob McGilpin
  • Vocals recorded at Big A Productions, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Enjoy the journey through “Always You,” allowing its melodies and stories to resonate and become an essential part of your musical repertoire.

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