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Review By Darren McIntyre

Black Nail Cabaret is a synth noir duo from Budapest, Hungary which was originally formed by vocalist Emese Arvai – Illes & keyboardist Zsofia Tarr. The story goes that Emese & the band’s long-time producer Krisztian Arvai moved to London to pursue their dream of making dark, noir-based synth music, brainstorming & songwriting mostly took place online. In 2016 Zsofia left the band to sail into different waters musically, this is when Krisztian became a full member of this dark, melodic synth band, they have given us Emerald City in 2012, Harry Me, MarryMe, Bury Me, Bite Me in 2015, Dichromate in 2016, Pseudopop in 2018 and on March 1st they deliver their new album Chrysanthemum, from that comes their dark, infectious new single Autogenic which I will be reviewing for you today.

Autogenic – A cymbal snap comes towards us as the sampler grooves build and build as this meaty noir-laden beast comes at us. The haunting soulful vocals roll into the arrangement as the pounding drum base gives us a real heavy funk tone that just flows freely through the intro, we have killer drum sounds that weave through the track as the cool vocals tell their own story and give this track an edgy full on a beat that just takes us to another place with its intensity, emotion and sultry tones that just come wave after wave. The whole arrangement is a Blade-esque groove that keeps your feet moving to this electro-pop-infused groover piece that just has us standing motionless with the intense tones that flow effortlessly through this colossal groove.

Black Nail Cabaret  –

                                Emese Arvai – Illes  –  Vocals

                                Krisztain Arvai  –  Keys / Programming

Track Listing  –


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