Cindy – Louise – What You Made Me – EP Review

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Cindy-Louise is a South African singer-songwriter who currently resides in The Netherlands. Cindy started piano lessons at 16 and followed a strict classical training programme, at university her instruments were Classical and jazz voice. Cindy-Louise majored in philosophy & attended The Mediterranean Opera Festival Programme in Italy. Cindy wrote and recorded her debut album Humanity in The Netherlands and released it in 2021, Cindy has followed that with her captivating new EP What You Made Me which brings a blend of emotions, storytelling & a theatrical rock experience that will certainly resonate with the listener. Please sit back as I walk us through this musical evolution that will take your breath away.

Innocence – This enchanting rock operatic piece comes at us with a melodic vocal assault that is drenched in shredding guitar licks that let this beast loose. The sampler tones wander through the track and really elevate the musicality that is coming at us as the cool deep bassline wraps itself around the haunting vocals that just ooze emotion and take us on the journey that unleashes this melodic foot-stomping rock monster, we get a change in tempo as the cool synth tones flow effortlessly through the mid section as this dark, haunting beast builds and builds as we get a full-on groove that just catches us unaware.

What You Made Me – Soulful strong vocal notes ooze from the intro as this classical monster waits in the wings before it makes its entrance. The cool sampler beats let the track come at us with real intensity as we feel the punchy snare drum punches take the track off in another direction, we get full bassline grooves that just lift the arrangement as the fabulous vocals wander freely and let us feel the depth of this fantastic artist, there is a little Evanescence about this artist as she drives her powering vocals onwards. The whole track is dark, melodic and just in the moment.

Nothing Hurts Anymore – Crisp haunting guitar picks flow from the intro as the mesmerising vocals punch straight through the track and let this grungy rocking monster come to life. The rhythm section gives us solid snare drum beats that come armed with killer cymbal crashes that let this track soar, we are feeling the true emotions of this incredible artist as she brings her full range to this foot-stomper track that just lets the tone wash over us and let her bring her full range to this punchy pounding beast that is the perfect way to finish off this fantastic follow up EP. The sweet clean guitar tones let us feel the depth and maturity of this incredible vocalist.

Cindy – Louise  –

                         Cindy – Louise  –  Vocals

                         Erick Gerber  –  Guitars

                         Callum Melville  –  All Other Instruments

Track Listing  –


                       What You Made Me                        Nothing Hurts Anymore

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