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Review By Darren McIntyre

Hannah Rose Platt is an acclaimed singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/storyteller who merges the sinister auathorial prowess of Nick Cave, and Tom Waits and brings in the incandescent vocals of Mazzy Star & PJ Harvey. Born & raised in Liverpool she began cutting her teeth on the local live circuit, Hannah is now based in Bristol where she has become an established figure on the UK music scene, Hannah drops her epic new single The Wendigo Rag which I will be reviewing for you today so please settle back as I walk us through this fantastic new single / video.

The Wendigo Rag – A deep full on bassline drops in as the snare drum punches let this foot-tapping dark melodic groover come to life. The almost spoken vocals flow effortlessly through the track as we get lightly dusted keys that really let this track express itself, the tempo is taking us one way then the other as the cymbal crashes rain down on us as this epic arrangement rides off into the distance with ease. The cool track just catches us unaware and really takes us by surprise as we feel the depth of this fantastic musician as she takes us on the journey with her as we just dig this cool melodic dark piece that is just what the doctor ordered for sure.

Hannah Rose Platt  –

                                Hannah Rose Platt  –  Vocals / Guitar

Track Listing  –

                       The Wendigo Rag

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