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Metalite is a Swedish Power Metal band that operates out of Stockholm. I’ve enjoyed all of their previous albums but their last album ‘A Virtual World’ was a big step up in quality for the band and I was interested to see how much further they had progressed with their latest record. The first thing to note is that the production on this record is fantastic. The record was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, the renowned musician, producer and engineer and its production values are top drawer for this release.

Power Metal when it’s done right has always been one of my preferred genres and this record is absolutely at the upper echelons of the scale and is one of the best releases in this style of the entire year. The vocals, the guitar playing, the drum and bass backline are all fantastic, and the songwriting and arrangements are all excellent. The album is a semi-concept album that appears to revolve around a science fiction story that follows humanity as they traverse the stars looking for a new world to live on. This collection contains sixteen full-length songs and is probably the equivalent of a double album length-wise. It’s a brave move to release a record of this length in today’s society of disposable music and short attention spans and if truth be told the album is perhaps slightly overlong for some.

Once you give it a few spins it sinks it’s teeth into you however, your patience is rewarded with a high-quality auditory experience. I’m not going to review all sixteen songs, if you know this genre you will know what to expect. If you want to know whether this band is for you I’d give the single ‘New Generation’ a spin. It’s a huge track, it’s bombastic and immediate and a prime example of the genre. My personal favourite is ‘Sanctum Of Light’. It’s epic, it’s grandiose, it’s anthemic and it has a huge bridge with a chorus to die for. It’s one of the songs of the year for me and there are at least half a dozen more tracks on this album that run it a close second.

‘Free’ and ‘Legendary’ are two more great songs and it’s here that you realise that Erica Ohlsson is one of the very best vocalists working in this genre today. The singer is pitch-perfect, with a huge range and an emotional delivery that means that the listener is hanging on to every word she sings. If you add into the mix a group of musicians of the highest quality both individually and as a unit this band have a chance to join the elite of Power Metal bands and make a real impact with their music.

So, if you like Power Metal you will love this album. The band are playing the UK next year and I for one will be first in the queue for tickets when they hit these shores with the band Leaves Eyes in March 2024


Erica Ohlsson – Vocals

Edwin Premberg – Guitar

Robert Örnesved – Guitar

Robert Majd – Bass

Lea Larsson – Drums


  1. Expedition One
  2. Aurora
  3. CtrlAltDel
  4. Cyberdome
  5. Blazing Skies
  6. Outer Worlds
  7. New Generation
  8. In My Dreams
  9. Disciples Of The Stars
  10. Free
  11. Legendary
  12. Paradise
  13. Sanctum Of Light
  14. Utopia
  15. Take My Hand
  16. Hurricane

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