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Review By Darren McIntyre

Casagrande Simone is a musician from Soncino, Northern Italy who after completing Civil Service formed his first musical trio, Castigo who recorded a three-track demo. After that he decided to join the death metal outfit Aphelion, in 1999 he released his pseudo-album No Sex, No Drugd, No Rock n Roll which drew positive reviews from the metal community. Casagrande has released an EP, and 2 more tracks. He released his LP Casagrande along with two other tracks, Mollami which is sung in Italian and the blistering beast Suicide Waltz which I will be reviewing for you today.

Suicide Waltz – The intro is a fast, furious guitar riffed assault that brings in a pounding power-driven drum groove that allows this dark, melodic monster to unveil itself. We have growler vocals that have a real twist in their delivery, we have solid meaty basslines that just allow this track to breathe as the tempo just builds with ease. The bass kicks are just letting the beat wrap itself around us as the slick clean guitar licks build and take this track off to another place as the bass comes through and hits us with a dark, mellow tone that tells its own story. The blistering guitar picks weave their way through this thought-provoking ensemble as the rich, dark grooves just swallow us up and let the whole piece erupt with an aggressive tone that just takes us to the next level, this is a real foot stomping power driven arrangement that just keeps on giving.

Casagrande  –

                      Alex Hamilton  –  Vocals

                     Casagrande Simone  –  Guitar

                     Charles Bertoud  –  Bass

                     Mattia Degli Agostini  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Suicide Waltz

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