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Review By Darren McIntyre

Super Monster Party are a video game-inspired metal band from South Florida that writes original songs inspired by video games from our past & present. The boys are serious musicians who bring us inspiring music with tongue-in-cheek content that lifts us to another place and want to move our feet to this bumping beat, the boys bring us their infectious new arrangement Dance Dance Revolution(Till The Death) which I will be reviewing for you today.

Dance Dance Revolution(Till The Death) – We begin this sonic assault with a slick classical guitar lick that is accompanied by snare drum beats that come armed with cool backing tones. The thundering rhythm section allows this foot-stomping groover to open and bring us a cool rasping piece that just flows, the tone is a sampler-laden attack that has sweet basslines that just wrap themselves around this fast-paced video-inspired rock n roll beast that goes off like a rocket from the get-go. A mellow saxophone tone is flowing effortlessly through the midsection just as a blistering guitar solo tears the roof clean off and merges with the cool sax tones that are coming at us. The rhythm section delivers a pounding double bass kick groove that builds and builds as this killer track just winds up and erupts with real gusto that has us reaching for the repeat button.

Super Monster Party  –

                                   Rei Sega  

                                   Oleh Andrievsky 

                                   Emilio Martinez

                                   Fernando Lenu

                                   Ben Cohen

                                   Andy Alvarez

                                   Hugo Lee

Track Listing  –                        Dance Dance Revolution(Till The Death)

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