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Review By Darren McIntyre

Shotgun Mistress is a hard-rocking 4-piece band from Melbourne, Australia who originally formed in 2018 and wanted to deliver ear-shatteringly good rock n roll far and wide. The boys dropped their self-titled debut album on Us in June 2021 which gave us singles Bleed Me Out, Glorious Machine, Collide, Save Me from Myself and the colossal rock ballad May She Never Walk Alone. The boys spent time on the road with the awesome Electric Mary and had many headline and support slots last year, this year they are hitting the ground running with a new album planned for 2024 and are also hitting the road touring through Australia in February, Japan in June and Europe later in 2024. To whet our appetites for the stunning new album the boys smash us straight in the face with the opening single Jude Judas from their highly anticipated follow-up album Kings Of The Revolution, please sit back as I walk us through this face-melting beast of a track.

Jude Judas – Pounding snare drum punches greet us as the bass kicks allow the groove to come at us as the cymbal crashes let this epic arrangement open and deliver sludgy licks that just put a smile on your face. The cool backing vocals work well in this laden guitar-riffed rocker track that is building with every chord that is laid before us, we get a cool bassline that hands us sweet mellow funk notes that blend well with this well-written piece that just leave you wanting more. This album is a real doozie as it picks up where we left off with their debut album in that it delivers bags of rock n roll with a real hard edgy groove with a thundering rhythm section that is wrapped in epic guitar licks and deep funking basslines that just gives and gives without compromise.

Shotgun Mistress  –

                              Glenn Patrick  –  Vocals

                              Matt Wilcock  –  Guitars

                              Ben Curnow  –  Bass

                              Diamond Dave Lee Daniel  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Jude Judas

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