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Review By Darren McIntyre

Feral Sun are a staple on the London music scene and has been described as a sound that deserves a stadium. The boys brought us their debut album Evacuate and singles Breathe, Long Road, Evacuate & Into Pieces and these blistering nuggets of pure rock n roll have allowed them headline and support slots with the likes of Skindred, Puddle Of Mudd, South African rockers Prime Circle, UK Rockers Stone Broken & Florence Black. Fast Forward from the Pandemic and armed with a new lineup, this unfortunately put touring on the back burner but undeterred the boys gave us singles Blame, Stand Up & Save Yourself, today they unleash their blistering beast of a track Better Than You Know which I will be reviewing for you today.

Better Than You Know – A crunching gritty guitar riff erupts from the outset and this sets the tone as we move forward with a heavy-driven rhythm section that just kicks in the doors and lets us have it. The gravelly soaring vocals let this monster settle as a full-on bassline drops epic tones that wrap themselves around this colossal rock n roll juggernaut. The whole arrangement is a foot-stomping beast that brings elements of depth, attitude and well-driven licks that are matched with a pounding snare drum beat that brings cymbal crashes that rain down on us with real swagger. This is a real nugget of rock n roll heaven that has delicious licks that are brought together with well-driven musicianship that leads from the front and then some, we are holding our horns up and feeling the depth of this epic arrangement.

Feral Sun  –

                  Mick Burns

                  Jay Stephenson

                  Andrea Murgia

                  Mark Hosri

Track Listing  –

                      Better Than You Know

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