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Review By Darren McIntyre

Artillery is a speed/thrash metal band from Taastrup, Denmark originally formed in 1982, the band’s name is taken from the Tank album Filth Hounds Of Hades and the track Heavy Artillery. Like most bands of their time they have gone through some personnel changes, and some losses and have had a couple of hiatus to try and get the formula right, the band are due to release their epic performance at Copenhall which is called Live Raw which is due to drop February 2nd 2024. From that colossal record comes the blistering single The Challenge which I will be reviewing for you today.

The Challenge – A slick-ended guitar riff erupts from the off and we get a pounding rhythm section that unleashes a flurry of snare drum punches that bring deep double bass drum kicks that are finished with cymbal crashes that rain down on us from the get-go. The full-on bassline hits us with meaty grooves that wrap themselves around this speed demon track as it builds and builds with deafening consequences, the vocals are a gravelly toned vibe that just flows effortlessly through this foot-stomping epic arrangement that just kicks in the doors and gives it to us straight. The guitar riffs change tempo from time to time and really give this track some depth as the whole arrangement just punches you straight in the face with its solid foundation and crisp gritty guitar licks that are all wrapped in a colossal rhythm section that is taking this beast to another level.

Artillery  –

              Michael Bastholm Dahl  –  Vocals

              Michael Stutzer  –  Lead Guitar

              Kraen Meier  –  Lead Guitar

              Peter Thorslund  –  Bass

              Josua Madsen  –  Drums

The musicians were right at time of recording but some have since left or passed.

Track Listing  –                       The Challenge

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