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Nobody’s Fool is new to me so when I was offered their latest album to review I wasn’t sure what to expect. The band operate out of Sydney, Australia and their press release describes them as being in the vein of AC-DC, Led Zeppelin and Skid Row amongst others. What you get here is no-nonsense rock and roll that is impeccably played with a vocalist who lifts the band firmly out of the field of generic Rock Music and they have ultimately produced a record that I liked a lot and have had on repeat for the last week.

There are hints of AC-DC about their music to be sure, but they remind me more of 80’s Metal Giants Cinderella as well as a group I raved about last year, Black Rain. There’s not a bad track on this album, there’s no filler and you get the impression of a band who have been around the block a few times and know exactly what they are doing as everything here is so slick and professional, as well as being above all highly melodic, immediate and entertaining.

The album kicks off with ‘Cherrie’ which hits us with an early Bon Jovi-style fuzz box effect before morphing into a thunderous modern rock track that immediately had my ears pricking up. ‘ So Wrong’ is the closest to AC-DC on this album and as most of you know Angus and Co. are my all-time favourite band so that’s fine with me. This song will give you a good idea if this album is for you and in my book it’s an absolute banger, the best rock track on this record by a mile. ‘Time’ keeps things flowing with some great guitar solo work while ‘Eye For An Eye’ is another big tune that sunk its teeth into me on my very first listen.

‘Call It Love’ has both big riffs and a massive hook that leads into a huge chorus and ‘One More Lie’ reins things in just a touch and gives us a classy mid-paced rocker. The ace in the hole for this album is the ballad ‘Cry For Me’ (which isn’t something I say very often.) It’s an arena-quality song that takes me back to the eighties and is a massive tune from this band. ‘Free’ picks up the pace with a touch of Led Zeppelin about it while ‘On The Road’ is a satisfying penultimate track. ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ ends the album on a high with another big chorus and soaring vocals.

The band haven’t finished yet though as there is a bonus track, a cover version of the Judas Priest classic ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’. To the band’s credit, they don’t just ape Rob Halford and genuinely do the song justice in their inimitable style. A fine end to a hugely entertaining record that has me seriously wondering why I’ve not heard of this band before considering the quality of this record.


Milosz – Vocals/Guitar

Markus – Guitars

Willy – Bass

Richie – Drums


  1. Cherrie
  2. So Wrong
  3. Time
  4. Eye For An Eye
  5. Call It Love
  6. One More Lie
  7. Cry For Me
  8. Free
  9. On The Road
  10. Smoke And Mirrors
  11. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

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