The Lottery Winners the winners at Cafe Indie

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Review and Photos By Steve Shipley

The Lottery Winners are a four-piece indie band from Leigh, Manchester. Formed in 2008. And
they’re made up of Thom Rylance (vocals/guitar) Robert Lally (guitar/vocals) Katiee Lioyd
(Bass/vocals) and Joe Singleton (Drums). 2023 hopefully was their breakthrough year, having
the number one album Anxiety Replacement Therapy. This highly successful number 1 album
with collaborations with Boy George, Sean Ryder and Frank Turner, making it one of the
reasons why Westview Live Promotions brought The Lottery Winners to Cafe Indie, supported
by Crystal Tides who are from the south coast of England and an indie girl group Manchester
band The Deep Blue.
Worry Came on stage to a rapturous reception from the fans, their opening song was WORRY from
the number one album Anxiety Replacement Therapy. This is a song written by Thom about his
struggles with anxiety when he was at his lowest. The powerful lyrics of this song, give it
an energy that was to carry on right through the night.

The guitars in this song give this a Manchester feel of the Stone Roses or the Happy Mondays,
the guitar riffs give this a powerful stage presence and a dynamic feel to this song.

Meaning Of Life.
Another impressive song with great lyrics and powerful energy is a masterpiece of a song and
the fan’s favourite, gets everybody up singing along to this song. The vocals are powerful with an
energy that’s felt right across the stage.

Sertraline is an antidepressant medication used to treat depression, this song explores the
ability of the person trying to feel appreciated by others and their creative abilities going
unnoticed. Thom’s powerful vocals give this song the uplift that this subject needs with the
dynamic well-crafted tune, a subject that is at the forefront of everybody’s mind in this modern

Favourite Flavour
A great fun time song that brings a hint of summer, what is your favourite flavour? This is a
proper feel-good song and will get you singing, dancing and partying, with great lyrics, and the
great hook. A proper fan favourite.

Let Me Down
The album Anxiety Replacement Therapy, this song features Boy George who says that it is
a proper earworm and the catchiest song he has heard since Karma Chameleon.

85 Trips.
85 Trips is a song sung by Kate showing what a fantastic voice she has, she should do more
singing if Thom would let her. This is a well-crafted song of pure joy, with uplifting lyrics and a
fantastic melody, showing what a versatile musician Katie is, while Kate was singing this song
Thom took it upon himself to draw a picture, I know this sounds a little unusual, but It also shows
that he has although hidden, a talent, and it’s all part of the experience of going to see the
Lottery Winners.

Overthinking Everything.It is a slow, soft, mellow song with a lot of feeling and powerful lyrics you can see that Thom puts his heart and soul into singing this song.
Much Better.A nice uplifting song with energy a powerful melody and stage presence, making this
another well-crafted song to sing along to.
You’re Not Alone. This is a song about the everyday struggles of life and money, the fact that you’re not alone, and everybody has these problems, with a drum beat and guitar riffs, making this a powerful
song giving the message that, once again, you are not alone.

Letter To Myself. This is by far one of my favourite songs of the Lottery Winners and gives a powerful
message to the young people of today, in my opinion, this song should be listened to by every
the young person in the country taking on board what the lyrics are telling you if you are a parent
and have children, PLEASE make them listen to this song, they may just see the world a bit
differently for the better, most of the audience knew all the words to this song and sang along
like it was the last song they were ever going to sing, the interaction with Thom and the fans
was like nothing else..
Burning House.The first two songs for the encore, another upbeat song from the album Anxiety Replacement Therapy. This song certainly got the fans going, with its uplifting electrifying energy. Another masterpiece from the album

.Start Again.
Start Again is a bit of an anthem, and a great song to finish on, uplifting and leaving the fans
wanting more. I am sure that most of them would have wanted to start again and see this gig
All in all, this was a fantastic gig to go to, with the interaction from the band with the crowd. Thom
is always a bit of a joker, as are the others in the band, they have great interaction with their
fans interacting with them all the time. 2023 was a big year for this band, and I have no doubt
that 2024 will be just as big, they are doing their own UK tours and various festivals
around the UK and also going on a European Tour with Nickelback. If you get the chance to see
this band please do so as you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to see them again as it was
pure joy

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