“The Strange” Unleashes Troy Redfern’s Filthy Blues Brilliance

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Review By Halina Parkes

Single Review

A perpetual troubadour, Troy Redfern embodies the essence of life on the road, ceaselessly refining his craft. With every stage he graces, he brings forth his unique brand of filthy blues, captivating audiences with the raw power of his music. “The Strange,” an opening salvo from the upcoming album ‘Invocation,’ presents Redfern in peak form, delivering a feral stomp that amalgamates the spirits of T Rex and ZZ Top at their heaviest and most primal.

The track’s foundation lies in slam-bang Glam Rock riffing, complemented by an ample serving of delectable slide work. The result is an anthemic arena filler that demands a place in the lineup of every festival, especially as we anticipate the arrival of the long-awaited summer. The accompanying video, featuring the monstrous groove of Nicky Waters’ drums and the irresistible bass, along with the fire-eating skills of Ash Dawn Clarke, sets an explosive tone for the year 2024.

Troy Redfern’s artistry takes no prisoners, showcasing a blend of class and audacity that promises to stir up major duststorms in the musical landscape this year. “The Strange” not only marks a powerful beginning for the ‘Invocation’ album but also solidifies Redfern’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. As the track roars through speakers, it becomes evident that Troy Redfern is ready to carve out a memorable space for himself in the blues-rock scene, leaving a trail of exhilarated listeners in his wake.

With his unwavering commitment to his music, Troy Redfern embodies the spirit of a true blues troubadour, and “The Strange” is a testament to his ability to infuse new life into the genre. As the anticipation builds for the full ‘Invocation’ album, one can’t help but be excited about the prospect of Troy Redfern’s continued musical journey, where each note resonates with the grit and authenticity that defines his signature sound.

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